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Finally!! An app I feel completely comfortable with Liam watching unspupervised! I'm so excited to share all about my favorite app called Kidoodle.TV! My number one favorite thing is the parental control feature! You can control all the safety settings including title filtering, bedtime curfews and screen time limits! I have horror stories I could tell you from other apps. This app is completely safe and everything is screened by real people before it's featured on the app. 

Liam loves watching on our tv and on his iPad/tablet! He gets an hour of screen time a day and he is always so excited to watch all of his favorite shows on Kidoodle! Lainey even loves it! I don't know if you guys have ever heard of Little Baby Bum but she can't get enough! There are just endless options. 

This is a completely free app that has so many amazing features to take advantage of. I just love having the peace of mind that all of the shows are safe for a five year old. 

This app is available in the iOS app Store, Google Play, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, SmartTV & LGTV! 
Definitely worth the download, give Kidoodle a try! 

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