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This post is way overdue! I've been getting requests for years now to do a "blogging 101" post and I'm finally taking the time to share my tips/tricks + how I got started. For those of you who don't know, I started blogging about 6-7 years ago when I was planning our wedding. When I first started, my blog was all about wedding planning and being a young bride. After the wedding it transformed into newlywed life and fashion. Now my blog is more of a lifestyle blog where I share real mom life experiences, favorite brands, companies I love, home décor, photography and my personal style. My blog has truly grown with every season of my life and my audience continues to increase along the way. Here are my top tips to creating a successful and profitable blog.

1. Be real/be you- so many people try to start a blog to be something they're not. Brainstorm your passions and figure out what you would truly enjoy writing about. Share your heart and be vulnerable. People like to read blogs they can relate to.

2. Name/design/domain- once you decide on a theme for your blog then you need to think of a blog name! The shorter the better in my opinion. Once you have your blog name picked out I recommend buying your own domain. You can use lots of different hosting sites. My domain is through (Totally optional but worth it in my opinion.) After you have your blog established and up and running I would hire a blog designer or buy a premade blog template on Etsy! A clean, fresh, easy to navigate blog is key! If you have an ugly, outdated blog design I think it takes away from your blog content. You can get premade templates on Etsy for as low as $15. They have them available for Blogger & Wordpress. Worth the splurge!!

3. Network & be social- when I first started my blog I was constantly reaching out to other bloggers/girls who had similar interests. Instagram is a HUGE platform to help grow your blog/brand. Search for other bloggers/instagramers that you love and start building relationships with them! Comment/like pictures, participate in follow Fridays or even start a comment pod! The more you network and reach out the more your traffic will increase.

4. Share- anytime you post a new blog post make sure you share it on all your social media sites! Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest are the big ones!! You can also do a short IG story and post your blog link for them to swipe up and read.

5. Reach out- once my blog/Instagram started to grow and gain exposure I started reaching out to small businesses. I created a well worded "pitch" and sold my blog to them. I would typically ask if they were willing to send a free item in exchange for a blog/Instagram post. Don't be surprised if you get rejected a lot at first, it takes awhile to master. The more, successful product reviews you do the more recognition you will receive. Once your social media following and page views increase you will notice companies reaching out to you.

6. Set a value- after you build your blog/brand you need to set a price value for yourself. Research the amount you should start charging companies per post. I put together a price sheet breaking down my fees.

For example: Full blog post- $150
One Instagram post- $70
Instagram story-$40
Package deal (all three) $230

You can also add ads to the side of your blog, using Google AdSense to make money per click!

Creating a successful blogging business takes work just like anything else in life! I have dedicated lots of time and effort to get to where I'm at today. Blogging has been a huge blessing to my family and I. I get items that I love for free and get paid to advertise in the process. Anyone can be successful if you just stay true to yourself and put in the work! I never, EVER represent brands and companies I don't truly love.

I hope these tips are helpful and get you started in the right direction!! If you have anymore questions or need help along the way feel free to message me anytime! I'm always happy to help! I thank you all for following along and supporting my blog all these years!



  1. I find it ironic that someone who rarely blogs anymore is giving blog advice.


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