A Letter To My First Born


My Dearest Liam,

As the days pass us by my heart begins to ache. I look at you in certain moments and my eyes instantly swell up with tears. These last 27 months with you have been the greatest moments of my life. You have taught me so much in these last two years, I think even more than I've taught you. You made me a Mommy and have shown me nothing but unconditional love. 

Your little world is about to change so much. You're about to become a big brother and I just know you will be so great at it. I know you will never remember the days before him, but I will. I will never forget all of our Target trips and cake pop pit stops. I will never forget our morning dance parties or our afternoon cuddle sessions. I will never forget holding you for hours, while you slept because I just couldn't put you down. I will never forget you asking me to sing "tinkle tinkle" on repeat and holding my hand so tight. I will never forget any of our special moments of just you and I. 

The day I say goodbye to you as my only son will be so bittersweet, even though I know this chapter will bring SO much happiness and joy. I know your Daddy and I are are giving you the greatest gift of all, a brother and a best friend.

I want to spend these last few weeks soaking up every second of just you. I want you to know just how much your Dad and I love you. You have made everything about life so much better. Every day with you is a beautiful gift. 

Thank you for making me your Mama and just being YOU. You will always be my first baby and my first, little love. I love you. 

All my love, 



  1. All the tears. So hard to imagine my little man will be a big brother too this fall. Can't even think about it haha.

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