Makeover + Gift Guide + Traditions


First things first- you guys... how awesome is my new blog design from Cristina!? She is seriously amazing and does the best work! She offers custom blog and web design and her prices are super affordable! All her designs have a modern, fresh look and are mobile responsive! If you guys are looking for a new, clean look for the new year make sure you contact her ASAP to get on the waiting list for 2016! Thanks SO much again Christina for being so professional, attentive and quick to respond! You can check out her site HERE!

Now, lets talk CHRISTMAS! How on earth is Christmas only 10 days away?! Where has all the time gone? Are you guys done with your shopping? We're so close to being done and plan on finishing up today! I put together a 'holiday gift guide {for her!}' These are a few of my favorite items this holiday season! 
If you guys are interested I would be happy to put together a gift guide for "him" & "baby" as well! :) Speaking of babies... this holiday season has been SO much fun with Liam! We've already done so many fun things and started new and shared old traditions! We have just a few more things on our "Christmas Festivities" checklist! Every year all the women in my family get together the first Saturday of December and have a Christmas brunch! We exchange homemade cookies/treats, ornaments and spend the morning indulging in sugar, coffee and laughs! Going to see Christmas lights, having a Christmas movie marathon and baking cookies are also a few favorites! We started Elf on the Shelf this year and even though Liam doesn't understand I'm having fun with it! Next week we're planning to make salt dough ornaments with Liam's hand print! I'm so excited for all the festivities that are still to come! I hope you guys all have an amazing Christmas! What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. Great gift guide! Love the shades, the shirt, the planner, the beanies and especially that foundation (I love all of the Younique products)!

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