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So ever since I've had Liam I've struggled with losing that extra 10 lbs! I'm not sure if it's from nursing and storing fat or what but I just can't seem to get rid of the extra weight! My friend Heather told me I should try It Works! She sent me a sample of four of the body wraps, the toning gel and some of the Greens to try! I was amazed by my results! In 72 hours I felt incredibly thinner! And actually lost a couple inches! It Works is great for toning/firming skin and getting rid of toxins in your body! 
{After 72 hours}

My body is a major work in progress but with exercising daily, eating cleaner and wrapping I'm hopeful I will reach my goals by fall! {Fingers crossed!}

It Works is also SO much more than just wraps! They have plant-based skin care, supplements for weight loss, anxiety, skin etc. They also have stretch mark cream and Greens that heal you from the inside out + everything is non- GMO and good for you!! 

Heather is offering an amazing deal to anyone who wants to sign up for the 90 day challenge! For every sign up, you get one FREE wrap!! Also, if you're thinking about becoming a distributor join her team before Friday at midnight and you will receive an extra box of wraps! So basically you'll break even on your kit and get $100 to join the team!

If you're interested check out Heather's awesome site HERE! OR email her at-


  1. Yay!! You look beautiful as always, mama! So excited for you! Love that 1 wrap is a treat, and 4 is a treatment, like having a spa day at home every 72 hours!! ��������


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