Homemade Baby Food


I'm seriously LOVING making Liam's baby food! Not only is it completely healthy/organic {with NO preservatives,} it's also super simple and affordable!
 photo baby food_zpsioe328gf.jpg
Quick how to:
-pick out your fresh or frozen {not canned} veggies/fruits
-steam or boil {if necessary/depending on food type}
-put in Magic Bullet/Baby Bullet {or some type of blender} to puree 
-buy storage containers to freeze leftover food {stores: 3-6 months}
-pop frozen food in microwave 20 seconds, stir then repeat until you feel it's warm

Soooo easy right?! I love knowing what types of food I'm putting in Liam's little body! So far he's tried organic oatmeal cereal, avocados and peas! We'll be starting green beans, carrots & sweet potatoes this week and next! 

What is your baby's favorite baby food?  
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  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I plan to make my own baby food in the future when I have a baby.

  2. Great, Now making baby food is easy. Lovely

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