4 + 5 months


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Well somehow mommy never got the "time" to blog your 4 month milestones until now so I thought I would just combine your 4&5 months into one blog post! {This picture was taken at 4 months!} 
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Things you love:
-chewing on anything and everything
-Sophie the giraffe & your duckie 
-all stuffed animals
-anything that makes noise
-mommy + daddy & all your family
-your mamaroo & play mat
-your feet
-when people smile at you
-your paci and fingers
-holding hands with mommy 
-daddy's loud voice
-car rides
-walks outside in your stroller
-being outside in general
-bath time & being naked

Things you hate:
-going to sleep {you fight sleep SO bad}
-the booger sucker
-when mommy leaves the room
-not having constant attention
-not being held/being put down
-mommy trying to check for teeth coming in
 photo image 9_zpsxe7auxs2.jpeg

-at 18-19 weeks you went through a horrible sleep regression stage where you would literally NEVER sleep! The only way you will go to bed is by being rocked and you still put up a pretty good fight!
-during your 4 months you also got your first stomach bug and were sick for almost a week! It was awful and mommy hated seeing you like that!
-you discovered your toes & voice! You grab your feet and try to eat them ALL the time and talk/scream constantly!
-you scoot backwards and have the strongest little legs
-you started laughing and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen or heard!
-you're starting to sit up but still need some help!
-you roll and are on the move 24/7
-went on your first road trip {4/10/15} out of the state! You did great in the car!
-You celebrated your first St.Patrick's Day & Easter!! 
-You visited mommy's home church for the first time
-today {4/13/15 } you're starting rice cereal

Liam, you are an absolute JOY in both of our lives! You bring us so much happiness and love! We love watching your big, strong willed personality develop and seeing all your daily changes! You're such a happy, fun-loving baby! I'm so blessed that God gave us you! 


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