A Story Of Us


Dear Liam,

On this night eight years ago {midnight to be exact} your daddy asked mommy to be his girlfriend after three and a half months of "talking." Mommy was 15 and daddy just turned 19. At first no one was very fond of our four year age gap but that changed later on. We were young and in love and nothing was changing that. 

From the moment we were officially allowed to date and see each other we were inseparable. We spent our first summer doing every fun thing you could possibly think of. From trips to the zoo, aquarium, concerts, Kings Island etc., we even went on a family cruise! Your dad was everything to me and our love for each other continued to grow stronger and stronger. 

After four years of dating, daddy decided to take our relationship to the next level. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife on my nineteenth birthday. Obviously I said yes and couldn't have been happier. 

We married August 27th 2011 at the church where Grammie and Pappy married and where mommy was baptized. It was a dream come true. 

On November 11th 2014 {three years later} you were born. Our biggest blessing. 

Thinking back to that exact moment eight years ago almost seems unreal. So much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. I have watched your dad grow and change SO much. He is a man that you will admire and strive to be like. He has remained my best friend and truly my better half over all these years. He is the best husband and the best dad to you. 

As I put you to bed tonight and sang to you, I couldn't help but think of how amazing God's plan was for us. My prayer for you is that you find a love one day that is forever true. I pray that God leads you to a wonderful, christian woman who will love you unconditionally, the way I love your dad and he loves me. 

I love you Liam and hope that our love is a great example that you strive to find for yourself one day. 

Love forever, Mommy.


  1. I love your Love story! Congrats on the anniversary! I follow you on Instagram(amandacoen7). I also have a little man named Everett he's five months old. Look forward to seeing more posts and pics of adorable Liam.

  2. aw, I'm sure Liam will LOVE to read this someday.

  3. The cutest story - and so special for Liam to read one day x

  4. How do you get your pictures smaller?! I'm a new blogger and I'm having trouble getting my pictures to look good!

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