2 Months


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Oh my heart... make it stop! Time please stand still! I can't believe you're TWO months old already! How is it even possible? Liam you are growing up SO much and bring so much joy into our lives! Your looks and personality are changing like crazy and it's so fun for us to watch! You are the biggest blessing in our life! 
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Things you love:
-Eating! You're a breastfeeding champ nowadays! You would nurse all day long if you could! 
-Fans & lights! You are constantly looking up and trying to discover new things!
-Movement aka car rides, your new rocking chair or just mama & daddy bouncing you around! 
-Bath time! Last month you hated the bath but now you love it and could spend hours chilling in your tub! 
-Paci {still addicted!}
-Laying on your tummy

Things you hate:
-Gas, but who would like that? It's getting better thank goodness!
-Swaddling! You're not a fan of being "held down!"
-Getting dressed or your diaper being changed.

- You experienced your first Christmas and New Years with all your family! {Someone is extra spoiled already!}
-You smiled for the first time on December 31st {uncle Kyle's birthday/NYE} at Mommy!
-You can almost hold your head up completely! You're SO strong!
-We introduced your play-mat and you LOVE it!
-You outgrew almost all your newborn clothes and diapers, this makes mommy SO sad!!

Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see how much you change in this next month! We love you Liam!! 
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  1. Wow. Your 2 month old can read? *eye roll*

    1. I will actually be turning my blog into a book for him to read when he's older! But thanks for your kind comment! :)

  2. You are such a beautiful mama Lauren! I can't wait to see how Liam grows and how amazing your little family gets!

    1. THANKS LOVE :) I can't wait until you find out what your sweet babe is!!!

  3. Awe I have a two month old too and I love seeing what others are doing. Mine loves baths and is growing up too quick too!

  4. Happy two months precious boy - crazy how time flies and you are developing every day. Sending love momma x

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  6. Funny how the anons always have the most to say! Liam is precious! :) I write letters like this to my son from time to time on my blog. I know he'll LOVE seeing how much Mama loved him!


    1. Right? I swear like who has that much time in their day?? GET A LIFE! But thank you so much love!! <3

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  8. Two months already, I just don't know how that's possible! In two months hopefully my little man will be here and that I just can't believe. I write in a journal that I'll give to him some day so I totally understand why you wrote this the way you did. Forget the anons, they're usually rude anyway, that's why they're hiding!

  9. I love your blog!!i don't personally know you I just happened to fall into an Internet black hole and stumbled upon it ha! Some words from the wise... If people are hating then you're doing something right! People love to project their negativity because misery loves company!! So precious reading about the progress of your sweet boy and your progress on being a new mother. God bless you and I will pray for strength and pray that you write more updates, seriously I'm obsessed with your blog!!!!❤️

  10. P.s. See not all anons are bad apples!!

  11. I just recently discovered you instagram page and now your blog and I love it already. Can I say you are legit wifey/mommy goals for me someday?! Your family is absolutely precious, so happy I found your blog!

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