My Sweet Boy


Dear Liam, 

You're almost here! Mommy will be 35 weeks on Friday! I literally can't believe it! Time has been absolutely flying by! Your daddy has been working SO hard on getting your room perfect for your arrival and mommy has been nesting like crazy! Besides the finishing touches your room is pretty much complete! I find myself spending most of my free time in your nursery just imagining you here in my arms. You are everything I've ever hoped and dreamed of! The love I have for you already is so hard to explain. It's like nothing I've experienced before. You consume all my thoughts, and make appearances in almost every single dream. 

As these next 4-5 weeks come and go I want to take in every moment. I don't want to forget a single second of this wonderful experience. You are everything to me! Your daddy and I love you SO much and can't wait to meet you!! 

PS- I took a picture of my swollen feet today so that I can add it to your baby book! I figured one day you'll appreciate the fact that I grew "cankles" just for you! :)

Mommy & Daddy love you Liam!!! 


Love, Mama! 


  1. You look amazing and sound so happY!

  2. Soooo full of love and light and GLOW! :)

  3. Love the pictures! You look awesome mama! <3

  4. Love this :) You look amazing in those pictures! SO happy and full of love.

  5. Love the pictures and such a sweet post!!!! I wanna see more pics!!!! Hope you're doing well. You look great. Keep growing mama. :)'

  6. Haha, your cankles make me giggle - I somehow escaped those bad boys in both my pregnancies! So excited for you - I had my little Ellie at 35 weeks (not to freak you out or anything!!) x

  7. Such a sweet letter to your bub. And I LOVE that first photo with his foot pushing through! You look beautiful my dear. xoxo

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