Hospital Bag


Okay, I've been obsessing over my hospital bag for awhile now! I'm sure every new mom gets a little overwhelmed when it comes to packing the "MUST HAVE" items! I just do not want to get to the hospital and realize I've forgotten something super important or something that I can't do without! So, with that said- I've put together a little 'hospital bag' packing guide!
 photo hospitalbagcollage_zps6dfd04d8.jpg
I would LOVE to hear from some of my other mama friends to see if I'm forgetting anything important?! Also, I found this super cute hospital checklist printable on Pinterest! Click HERE to print! Ahhh things are getting SO real!!! :)
 photo lauren_zpsb1685e99.jpg


  1. Good list! Def keep it simple! I over packed my first go round & used very little that I brought. So this go round there will be one SMALL bag for mama, daddy, & baby!

  2. Your bag looks PERFECT! :) Simple is best! So excited for you!

  3. I would definitely say to pack an extra bag! You come home with so much more stuff than you come with....extra diapers, hats, wipes, etc. for baby and tons of not-fun-stuff (ha!) for you. It makes it so much easier for your husband to carry everything since you will not be able to help.

  4. Great list! My only thing would maybe be mittens for your lil one. They tend to scratch up their face without them :/

  5. the hospital should supply you with medela nipple cream and pacifiers.

    1. the hospital actually supplies you with the kind of pacifier that you have pictured. and lip balm is a must, i couldn't believe how much i needed that stuff afterwards!

  6. I really liked the cooling gelly like boob pads.

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