My Week


Let me just start out by saying this week was MUCH needed for this preggo mama! Between my two JAM-packed weekends in a row, a 45+ hour work week and shooting 2 weddings {and participating in one} I was beyond exhausted! The family I nanny for has been on vacation all this week so I've taken it upon myself to do absolutely nothing but clean my house, eat, sleep, relax and sleep some more! It has been heavenly and just what the doctor ordered! 

I've made time this week for lunch & donut dates with my mama, pizza & movie nights in with my sweet hubby, dates with my couch/bed and pregnancy magazines AND time to schedule appointments to go see LIAM! :)

I literally can't believe I'm 25 weeks pregnant! Time is going SO SO SO fast! I just wanted to take a minute and document this "me" time because everyone keeps telling me this will be very missed! 
I'm feeling very anxious/excited for the weeks and months ahead and I know I don't even know what "tired" is yet! SO- until this little man of mine makes his debut I'm going to take advantage of every opportunity to get as much sleep and relaxation as possible! 

Because after all, 
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  1. Ah, I so miss that first pregnancy period. Enjoy every minute because it's so special. You'll understand a few years from now :)

  2. Good for you mama!! Looks like you're soaking it all up, just as you should! You are such a pretty prego and I am so happy for you…those donuts look delish! Happy Weekend. xo

  3. So glad you got to enjoy some 'me' time! I haven't had that in so very long! I wish I had soaked every bit up when I was pregnant. You are THE cutest momma to be!

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  5. Hi! I'm a [somewhat] new follower! :) I used to follow you when I had my old blog, "The Story Of Us," but I kindaaaaa let that one go and decided recently to pick blogging back up but start fresh with a whole new blog! Feel free to check it out at! A HUGE congrats (though I know it's prob a bit late now, hehe) on your pregnancy- so happy for you and that things seem to be going well! Your baby bump is adorable and makes me miss being pregnant! ;) Loooove your blog!

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