A Letter To Liam


My Sweet Boy,
Mommy wanted to write you this letter to document exactly how I'm feeling in this very moment. We're officially 22 weeks tomorrow! Time is absolutely flying by! I feel like we just found out about you yesterday! You're growing SO much and you already weigh about 1 lb! I think everyone is predicting for you to be a big baby! My favorite thing in the world is feeling you kick! Daddy is able to feel you now too and it just melts my heart into a million pieces! I think I picked a pretty great daddy for you! He loves you so much already! :) Well, basically everyone does! You are going to be one very spoiled loved child!!

Here lately I can't get over picturing who you're going to look like! Are you going to have my complexion? Daddy's eyes? {I hope so!} Red hair??? I just can't wait until that doctor places you in my arms! But most importantly I just desperately pray that you are healthy. I would be lying if I said I haven't been worried about your arrival! I'm not worried about the pain, just the thought of something going wrong scares me to no end. But I've been trying to put all my faith and trust in God because I know he created you for a wonderful purpose! You are going to do HUGE things in this world my sweet, sweet son! 

I can honestly say becoming pregnant with you is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. I never thought I could love someone I've never even met SO much. You are my everything. November cant come soon enough! 

Well, mommy is off to the doctor here soon to check up on you! Mommy is actually fighting this nasty cold and they wanted to see me a day early to make sure everything is okay!

I love you Liam with my entire heart! 

Love, Mommy! 


  1. Awh! Lauren, this melted my Mommy heart! Baby Liam is so blessed to have a Mama like you! You are going to be an amazing Mother. Can't wait to "meet" Liam :)

  2. ahh. So so so so adorable.
    I cannnot wait until my "mommy" days arrive. I am so happy for you:)

  3. This is such a sweet thing to do <3 Can't wait to see this cute little one!


  4. so cute!! I loved when Kyle was first able to feel our baby. It's such a great moment you get to experience together. Congratulations on your little boy :) I may be biased because that is what I'm having but they are the best. I can't wait to follow also your journey to motherhood (and beyond)!

  5. Such a beautiful post! Can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy, I'm not far behind you at 15 weeks (with our second little bundle!) Congratulations, hope you have a healthy & happy pregnancy.

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