Baby Lust


It's been awhile! But I'm back with a FRESH-new design, baby name and GENDER! We're so excited to say that baby is a BOY! We had our gender reveal party almost two weeks ago {more on that later} and we decided to name him Liam Justin! LJ for short after our initials!

I had myself convinced this baby was a girl but I honestly couldn't be happier about this wonderful surprise! Ever since I found out he was a boy I can't contain myself! I seriously LIVE on Etsy, Pinterest &! I put together this little baby "wish list!" Baby Liam is going to be one stylish, little dude!
 photo babywishlist_zpse70df49c.jpg
In other news- I'm happy to announce I will be a rep for Happy Baby Wrap
I can't wait to carry Liam in my little wrap! AHHHH, seriously I DIE!

PS- how fab is my new design?! I really wanted a simple/clean look and Kotryna was just the gal for the job! I will add an about me picture once I get my new maternity pictures done! I will also be hosting a giveaway for a FREE blog design later next week! Stay tuned!
 photo lauren_zps39a3c8d1.jpg


  1. so awesome and so happy for you! a free design?! i desperately need to update mine!!

  2. Looks great! So excited for you guys and love his name!! Happy to have a new mama and babe to follow along with!


  3. Yayyyy for baby boys due in the fall! :) I have a baby teepee and bandana bibs on my list too.

  4. Love the new look here my love! Can't wait to hear how you like that wrap, I'm researching my options now :) xoxo

  5. Love the new design and yay for little boys!! x

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