Eighteen Days!


Eighteen Days until we're on our way to a tropical paradise! I don't think I've ever been more excited for a vacation! I mean negative temps & endless snow... NOT FOR ME! I tell my husband just about everyday I either want to move or that I was born in the wrong state. I literally can NEVER get warm! No matter how many layers or heated blankets I'm still cold somehow. Ahhhh... this countdown is the only thing keeping my sanity! Winter Blues are FO-real! 

So today I thought I would share some of my beach essentials & outfit inspirations!
 photo beachessentials_zps2b51257c.jpg
How cute is this outfit?! Perfect for a day at the beach! 
 photo sunny1_zps783f55b9.jpg 
This outfit would be perfect for a shopping day off the ship! 
 photo sunny2_zps834ecd00.jpg 
You can't go wrong with a black maxi! This would be perfect for dinner! 
 photo sunny3_zpsc823a99e.jpg

I basically have all my outfits planned out already! I'm SOOOOO excited! :) Can you tell?! 


  1. Black Maxi all the way! So versatile. Have a blast! Looking forward to lots of pictures. :)

  2. I so need to get out of this cold weather too!!! Ahh if only we could schedule a cruise to and be out of here for a couple days! I love all your outfits you put together, especially the black maxi. I need to get one, it seems like a must have!!!

  3. Great picks! I love that beach chair! I'm so jealous you get to get out of the cold! It's freezing where I am!!

    Crumbs & Curls

  4. Such cute picks! You have such a good sense of fashion. We cruise in May and I'm already picking up pieces here and there :)

  5. I love all of these, but I especially need that beach chair, bag, and sunglasses in my life!

  6. I love that middle outfit! That top is gorgeous!! We went on a Caribbean cruise in 2011 you can read about it on my blog "Life on the Parsons Farm" : atparsons.blogspot.com

  7. Love, love that last outfit and I totally think you should move to Texas ;-)

  8. I just got back from a week in Punta Cana yesterday and maxi dresses are the best piece a girl can own!

  9. SOOOO excited for you too - so jealous of your countdown to paradise too - it's going to be awesome!! Loving the outfits too x

  10. I love that yellow beach bag. Where is it from?



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