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Let's talk The Bachelor shall we? Who are your favorites so far?? I have my four favorites narrowed down {as of right now anyways!} You never know with this show... they could check into crazy town at any given time! More drama ='s better ratings!

Oh hey. . . JUAN PABLO!
So lets begin with Nikki-
Not only is she beautiful, she's also SUPER sweet and loves kids! She just seems like, "the girl next door" type to me! Wifey material in my book! I think she will be in the top 3 for sure! 
Then we have Clare-
Does anyone else think she resembles Kristen Bell?! I think she's stunning and has a great personality! I can see her going to the top 3 too! As long as she doesn't let her emotions get in the way!
There's also Andi-
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She's smart and very classy/modest! She does however seem a little too reserved at times though! She also seems super wrapped up in her career but I can still see her making it pretty far! 
Last but not least, Chelsie- 
After her one-on-one date she won me over!! I love her quirky and fun personality! She seems like a very genuine person that is up for anything! I thought her and Juan Pablo really had a lot of "chemistry!" 
Moving right along to the crazies. . . Sharleen-
Does anyone else find this girl a little odd?! I don't know if crazy is the right word or not but she's just STRANGE! Did anyone else find that kiss that her and Juan Pablo shared on the field SO awkward to watch?! She seems like a sweet girl, just very different! Not someone I could ever picture him ending up with! 
I also thought the "free spirit" girl should go even though she was pretty entertaining to watch! I also really like Cassandra but she's SO shy!!! I don't know if she will be around that long due to her being so soft spoken! What are your thoughts?!! I would love to hear them!


  1. I'm an Andi fan :) Educated girls have a real place in my heart and I think she has the kind of successful career that can stand up and hold its own to his. Power couple!

  2. I love Chelsie! I think she is just the cutest contestant this season. Sharleen and Juan's kiss totally made me he didn't seem too into it when she tried the second time around!

  3. YES!! Those are my favorites as well! Love Nikki and Chelsie definitely won me over with her one-on-one date! That kiss on the field was super awkward and it looked like Juan Pablo was ready for the awk moment to be over lol

  4. Nikki is my favorite! I think Renee is going to go a long ways too!

  5. I'm so behind on catching up on my favorite blogs!! ha! Love Clare & Chelsie! Yeah, I am ready for Sharleen to GO!! As soon as she said "...*cute crickets...sure...*cue crickets*..." when he asked her to accept that first rose. I knew I wasn't going to like her ha

  6. Umm you took every single thought straight from my head with this! Those are my top four and my most weirded out pick too. I think Clare might take a nosedive according to the previews though.

  7. I got the opposite impression of Chelsie! She seems kind of fake (like she would smile and seem excited about doing just about anything...except jumping off the bridge). She does seem immature like the other girl accused her.

    My favorite is Renee. She is so real. A single mom. One of the first ones to come down with no make up on when breakfast was being made.

    Sharleen has this eerie quality about her. Like she is secretly super catty or something. I'd watch my back around her.

    I know a lot of people are obsessed with Nikki but she just hasn't proved anything to me on the show.

  8. I love ANdi and Claire! And I thought that kiss was so awkward!

  9. Andi and Renee are my favorite. After tonight you are seeing some more of the drama so some of my opinions have changed. I had Nikki and Clare in my top 3 for sure last week, but after tonight I am not so sure. I am not sure how to read Sharleen. She is all over the place and doesn't seem to want the same things as Juan. I love this show though, and I have gotten the hubs addicted to it too.

  10. After last nights drama, I'm not sure who I like anymore..... I think Andi has been the most consistent in her personality. I also like Cassandra! Even though she is young, I feel like she is very mature. I guess only time will tell :)


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