Let's Talk VMAs...


If you did not tune in last night, boy oh boy did you miss a show! 
I woke up still thinking of the VMAs last night.

I gathered a few snapshots from this stellar performance... {you're welcome!}
Bless Billy Ray's achy breaky heart.... 

I'm sorry but between the flesh tone attire, the tongue and the giant foam finger I almost died. And isn't Robin pushing 40?? {She literally touched his junk!} SICK. I mean I get that she's desperately trying to get rid of her Disney girl image but seriously? I would have to say "TWERKING" was an understatement last night! 

The best snapshot EVER is of the Smith's reaction to Miley's performance! 
Moving right along to the men who stole the show...
SWOOOOOON! It took me back to my pre-teen self running around jamming out to the entire NSYNC album, hairbrush in hand! I may or may not have squealed uncontrollably!

Everything in between and after these two performances was pretty much a snooze fest! I have to give it to the VMAs for getting more entertaining each and every year! 



  1. My thoughts in order of importance

    firstly... you're adorable
    secondly... If Miley keeps performing like that the VMAs will need to be 18 and over only and honestly it just pained me to watch her, I feel embarrassed for her. Arent there better ways to get attentio? Like talent or something?
    Thirdly.. Nsync is amazing. always and forever.

    P.s.Macklemore is also brilliant

    <3 Madi

  2. I am disgusted that the younger generations are being exposed to this kind of moral decay and that they all think that they are very entitled to do so. God is clearly not a part of this at all and I am going to keep on praying harder and harder that by her disgusting "performance" people will wake up and turn to God.

  3. Pure craaaaaaaziness! Her tongue, shew!

  4. Miley was gross. I don't understand what that girl is thinking! And yes, I squealed like my 12 year old self would have when *NSync came on. I was so excited. And I kept hearing all week that it might happen, so I watched in anticipation, haha! Justin's performance, along with *NSync was the best part of the whole show. The rest was pretty boring.

  5. ah I can't believe I missed NSync last night! Although from what I hear the miley thing was terrifying..

  6. OMG Miley is GROSS!! I don't get why she would do that..it is not cute! I can't believe i missed Nsync i'll have to youtube it!!!

  7. I can't even discuss how uncomfortable I was watching her performance. It was a train wreck

  8. My face looked the same way as Will Smith's family.. Gross.. Ugh.. Gross..

  9. I loved all of it!!!

  10. Robin Thicke is 36 married and has a baby boy son, and Miley is barely 20. Nuff said. Disgusting and I felt like I was watching the making of a porn. I was really sad for her. She was once a really pretty girl with long gorgeous hair. Now she chopped it bleached it and is 2 steps away from Amanda Bynes ending up in a psych ward if you ask me! :)

  11. Miley SIGHrus was quite a tragedy! My mouth was opened the whole time! And yes! NSYNC + JT did amazing! A trip down memory lane indeed!


  12. Sharing all your thoughts exactly!!

  13. you totally never blog anymore!!!!!! :-( well, this post proves me wrong. BUT you rarely blog!! :(

  14. As hilarious as that picture of the Smiths is, it's actually their reaction to Gaga's performance - which is still perfection.

  15. As hilarious as that picture of the Smiths is, it's actually their reaction to Gaga's performance - which is still perfection.

  16. This is seriously sad. She was so cute on disney channel, and then she just does this. Like who are you, go away miley no one likes you now.

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