Spring Has Sprung!


Well, spring fashion that is anyways! Here in Ohio we still have snow on the ground! {Disgusting I know!} I'm hoping and praying the weather warms up enough for me to wear my new Easter dress to church on Easter Sunday instead of my snow suit!

Anywhooooo... I put together a list of my spring fashions essentials or in other words, "must haves" this spring! I've been on the hunt for new spring clothes and so far this year I've had the best luck at Forever 21, {no surprise there} Charlotte Russe and Old Navy! 
This spring I'm all about the bright colors! I love tops that really stand out! I'm also very into the high waisted shorts with cropped tops! What do you guys think about them? I also just bought a peach colored mullet dress as well as a black mullet skirt! Are you a fan of that new trend? I hate the name... but it pretty much describes them perfectly! 

What are your Spring/Summer MUST haves this year?! I have way too many so I just decided to make a short list! I'm just SO beyond ready for spring weather to actually get here!!! 


  1. hahaha I love that you called it a "mullet dress"- that's a first!! Too funny. I prefer "high-low," it makes it sounds much more appealing ;) But, yes, I love all of your picks! I'd add some bright coloured skinnies, too!


  2. Love your picks. I totally wish that I could pull off the high waisted tren, but I am just too short. Whomp whomp


  3. I am really loving bright colored blazers right now! I just want sunshine!!

  4. Love this! Now we need Ohio weather to get it's act together.

  5. Okay, I love all these! For me, all of these are musts!

  6. I went into Old Navy not expecting to find too much and I was pleasantly surprised! I'm loving their stuff right now!

  7. Love your blog! Adorable! blushingbombshellbeauty.com

  8. Cute outfits! Love them all, especially that blazer. I still need to pick one up, along with a chambray shirt.



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