Pefrect For Mother's Day Giveaway!


Every year I always struggle for the perfect Mother's Day gift! But not this year...{and neither do you} thanks to my amazing sponsor Jennifer

Jennifer is a stay at home mom to two girls! She started her business a year ago as a hobby and it has grown so much in the past year! She loves working with clients and personalizing items because each client has a different, unique story to share! 

She's so sweet that she's offering a $40 store credit to one lucky giveaway winner! Plus she's offering an additional $20% off to all my blog readers/followers {good through April 7th!} Coupon code: Wifestyles20. Did I mention all of her packages come with complimentary gift wrapping? As well as FREE SHIPPING!!! Awesome deal right?! 

Please check out how darling her store is HERE!
"Always classy. Always elegant. Heartfelt & Handmade" -MimiLu

My giveaways are ALWAYS easy to win so just follow these simple steps: 

1. Must be a follower of Wifestyles via GFC

2. LIKE Wifestyles on Facebook 

3. LIKE MimiLu on Facebook 

4. Follow me on Instagram _wifestyles_ & Twitter @larsbbyxo

5. Comment below telling me you did all the above ^

*For extra entries please share your favorite MimiLu photo on Facebook!*



  1. GFC follower

    Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

  2. Also follow on Twitter. This is a great idea for Mom's day!!

  3. I follow you everywhere pretty lady!! I would love a necklace with my little angel's name on it. SO sweet!! :)

  4. I like Wifestyles on Facebook!

  5. I'm a follower I used to love your blog but lately all you talk about is your sponsors and giveaways when is the last time you actually wrote a blog entry? Other then your 2 sentences on the vintage lamp! I'm just missing what your blog used to be :(

  6. I'm with Jenna- I miss your original content and blogging!

    1. I replied to Jenna via email but I can't reply to you that way since you left a non-reply comment so I'll just reply back here!

      I'm sorry you both feel that way! As I explained to Jenna, my sponsors pay me a good amount of money to represent them and their companies so I try to make them my top priority!

      As far personal writing goes... I agree, I'm a little out of the loop/blog world lately! Life has been crazy busy and I miss blogging {personally} more than ever!

      My main goal/point of my blog is to document all of my best memories and share stories with all of my wonderful readers! I want nothing more to write and inspire others!

      I appreciate your honesty!

      My goal is to be more proactive in writing, commenting and visiting other blogs! :)


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  8. I follow on gfc.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Did them all! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  10. I did them all!! What an awesome give away!!

  11. I like wifestyles on facebook :)

  12. I follow you on Instagram but I don't have a twitter!

  13. I follow you on Instagram @beccamoss_

  14. I follow you on Twitter @_beccamoss


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