Lamp Love!


Yes, this is really a post about my new lamp! I had to share and brag on myself for a quick minute! SO- over the weekend we went to help clean out an old house and I found this little treasure! {Not the shade, just the lamp stand!} My family however didn't think of it as a treasure at all! They actually thought it was quite horrendous! I however saw the full potential and went on a hunt for the perfect shade! I knew that mustard, yellow stand could be polished into something new and beautiful! 

Was I right or was I right????!!!! 

I absolutely love finding old finds and turning them into something new! What do you guys think?! Are you treasure/antique hunters?! Stay tuned for more finds on Thursday's post! :) 


  1. I love love love it!!! Then again, anything yellow, I love!!!

  2. Looks beautiful. Definitely brightens up a room :)

  3. Love love love it! Especially the yellow base - I've been looking for one that color!

  4. how could anyone think a yellow lamp is horrendous!? such a great color!

  5. I actually picked up a yellow lamp at the good will for our office space 2 weeks ago. My husband was iffy about it! I got a lampshade at Target too. Not the same one you have. I decided to go with the yellow instead since we have blue walls and It would have been an abundance of blue. I think the lamp looks fabulous! I'm thinking about giving mine a new coat of glossy yellow paint to make it as bright as yours!

  6. LOVE it!! That would match my room perfectly!!

  7. I love this lamp! You did good!

  8. How could a lamp ever be horrendous?! TOo cute!

  9. I love it! I think it brings a nice pop of happy color! :) Just in time for spring!

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  11. This looks so good! I love it!
    I love finding old things and redoing them and making them look fabulous!


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