DIY- Chalkboard Organizer {SPD}


So big news- I bought my own domain name!!! {} AHHH! I'm so excited about it! It makes my blog even more special to me!!! 

Anywhoo... moving on to Pinterest crafts! Today I'm linking with Stephanie & Katie for the SPD link up! I found the idea for this project from this PIN and knew I had to try it! 

I found an old magnetic tray and spray painted it with chalkboard paint! It was seriously THAT EASY! Isn't it so cute?!! I just made it into a organizer/upcoming events board! 

What do you guys think?!! {I love wedding season!}
All you need: 
-Magnetic tray
-Chalkboard spray paint

What did you guys make this week?!! Go link up! 



  1. love this might make one for my office!

  2. Congrats on the domain name!! This is adorable, love it!!

  3. Love this! Its so cute. I am obsessed with chalkboard painting anything I can think of :)

  4. Congrats on buying your domain name! That's on my list of goals for my blog :)

  5. How awesome--congrats!! I love that DIY idea too...I may need to find a tray! :)


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