SPD- Burlap Knot Wreath


 It's Thursday... which means ONE thing! I'm linking up again for SPD with Katie and Stephanie! This week I decided to make a DIY Burlap wreath!
This seriously might be the EASIEST wreath I've ever made! Maybe the cutest one too?!
When I saw this PIN I knew I had to make one! 

All you need: 
-Wire wreath {any craft store}
-Burlap {I think I got one yard and didn't even use all that}
-Ribbon of your choice
-Last name letter {optional}
-Hot glue gun {not pictured}

How to: 
-Cut burlap into strips 
{8-10 inches long and about 2 inches wide... doesn't have to be perfect!}
-Tie burlap around entire wire wreath {make sure no wire is showing}
-Make a bow out of ribbon and hot glue to burlap
-Tie or hot glue letter on to burlap


What did you guys make this week?! Go LINK UP! 


  1. Very cute!!!


  2. Ohhh girl the burlap wreaths make my heart sing - as you probably know! I agree, they are fun and easy! I made one VERY similar the other week and I'm still loving it (and will probably have it up for months on end...)

    Thank you for linking up!!

  3. So cute & easy! I love all of these diy link ups going around, makes me want to do something cute myself! (:

  4. SO cute! I made a wreath just like this for St. Patricks Day last year. It turned out adorable:)

  5. super cute and would work well for anytime of year/theme!

  6. You go lil miss crafty!! ;) I'm DETERMINED to make a fun Easter wreath- I've been slacking in the craft department lol!

  7. OMG this is so cute and easy! I will actually make this!!!!

  8. Sooo cute!!! I need to get my craft on with my burlap!!

  9. Very cute! I too made a wreath :)

  10. Stinking cute! :) I will have to make one now. Anything burlap is perfect in my book!

  11. That is fantastic! I love the initial and the bow. So cute!

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