Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings...

I have SO not been on my blogging A-GAME lately :(
Sorry guys... I know there is a lot of stuff from Chicago I still need to share but I've just been slacking BIG time! 

Instead of being MIA I thought I would put together this random post and let you all know I'll be back soon with recaps, reviews, daily life and GIVEAWAYS! 

So in the mean time here are a few thoughts & randoms! 

New outfit finds :)
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Favorite Bachelor moment/face of last night...{Des, Leslie, Ashley and Lindsey are my top faves right now!} 

Last but not least...
I seriously almost died... #yourewelcome

Happy HUMP DAY dolls...  oh wait, that's tomorrow.... 


  1. That picture awesome! Happy {Almost} Wednesday to you!

  2. i love this!!!
    I feel you.. Ive been so busy that I try to write my week post out on Sundays..

  3. I love the white top, very pretty :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that last picture!! BAHAHA!

  5. hahah dying at the home alone picture!

    and loving those tops! soooo cute:)

  6. I have a major Bachelor obsession right now. I've posted Part I of my opinions on the girls - go check it out at http://hollyhart2b.blogspot.com/

    Love the floral blouse too!

  7. The outfit with the red shirt and the black skirt is absolutely adorable. I love how simple it is but yet sophisticated and classy as well!