SPD- Mason Jar & Printable!


Linking up again for another week of SPD! {My favorite link up EVER!} I love a great excuse to do fun Pinterest crafts! With V-day being right around the corner I keep getting drawn to Valentine's day pins! 

This week I decided to make a Valentine's Day Mason Jar including all things "baking!" This craft was so easy and cost me literally $2 or less! {I already had the Mason Jar, bakers twine, cookie cutter, sprinkles and cake pop sticks.} 

I kinda made this one up on my own... but this PIN gave me the idea/inspiration!

All you need: 
Mason Jar, fabric of your choice, bakers twine, cookie cutter {optional}, cupcake liners, cake pop sticks, sprinkles and scissors.

What to do: 
Add baking essentials to Mason Jar, cut fabric to fit jar and tie with bakers twine to seal fabric. 
{That easy, I promise!}


Now on to this awesome, free Valentine's Day printable! So cute right?!
You can find the pin that allows you to print HERE!

Here are the finished products of both of my Valentine's Day crafts! 
Simple, easy, cheap & FUN! 
You can find more of my previous Valentine's day crafts HERE! Or repin them here and here!


  1. That would be so, so sweet to give to some girlfriends!!
    Unless they take offense to my suggesting they bake. ;)

  2. SOO cute! Such a good idea for someone who loves to bake!

  3. Ohhh I just love this idea!! And the free printable? Amazing. Just printed it off! Thanks for sharing :)
    Following you back, pretty lady!

  4. Free printables that I get to color? Count me in! Going to make this for some friends :) thanks for the idea!

  5. Loving it :) all the crafts are so cute! Thanks for linking up with us--don't forget to include our button or links if you can next time! thanks girly!

  6. Totally cute! that would be the perfect lil' gift to give out to all your girlfriends at a girls Vday party or something! I love it ;)

  7. So cute!!! You're making me want to get all crafty for V day now! Oh, wait. Pinterest already beat you to that one! ;)


  8. Absolutely great ideas. Love the print outs.

    Would love you to stop by sometime!

    Love from South Africa


  9. Super cute!! I will for sure be using that printout for something!! <3

  10. I love valentines day! Your craft turned out so darn cute!

  11. I love that print out! Thanks for sharing the link!

  12. such a cute idea! I printed out a bunch of those printables last week, and I have been loving coloring them! haha (:

  13. I love all of this! Thanks for sharing!!


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