Saw It, Pinned It, Did It! Chalkboard Plaque


Today I'm going to show you guys my DIY chalkboard plaque! Seriously the EASIEST craft EVER! Not only is it super easy it's also SUPER cheap! I think this project was less than $10 with my {40% off} Michael's coupon! 

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and really wanted to try it but I made mine a little different! I decided to add a fun flower to mine to dress it up a little more! 

Here is the final result: 
Here is what you will need:
-Wood plaque 
-Chalkboard spray paint
-Flower {of your choice}
-Elmer's glue
1. Spray paint plaque and let dry
2. Glue or hot glue flower
3. Decorate!


  1. So cute!! I really love how it turned out :)

  2. It's beautiful--and so simple! I love it! Plus, it matches your mantel decor perfectly. I cannot wait to try to do this!

  3. So cute, and so simple! Adorable :)

  4. Ohh love this one!!! Really cute idea!!!

  5. That's awesome! I didn't even know they made chalk board spray paint!

  6. I follow you on IG and never got a chance to check out your blog till now. I'm now your newest follower!!!

    Laurie Brotherton

  7. Soo adorable!!! And it looks pretty easy! I will have to try this :)

  8. Very cute & easy! My favorite kind of DIY.

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  10. Okay, wow. I was typing a comment but catching glimpses of the comment above. Geez. This is a post about a pinterest project for crying out loud. I was GOING TO SAY...this is super cute and easy. I'm itching to make some type of chalkboard but keep getting all these ideas that are chalkboard-related so...I'll probably have 75 in my house before it's all said and done! ha! :)

  11. Your plaque turned out so great! Adorable! I think I might just try this one myself.


  12. So neat :) I've seen chalkboard frames but this is different. The cute flower was the perfect touch, Lauren! :)


  13. ADORABLE and SO kinda project lol!! Looks SO good on your mantle and I heart the little flower! Precious! :)

    THank you for linking up with us!!

  14. New reader :D
    You are good at that! I'd probably struggle so much! :)

  15. Well this couldn't be cuter or easier! Love it!

  16. Love it! I just found your blog- new follower! :) Can't wait to see more. xo


  17. Man are haters going to hate! And i would personally enjoy reading your blogs just how they are. Who wants to read a blog about someone mad and upset all the time? i wouldn't! Keep doing what you're doing Lauren love it :)

  18. Nice thought and very well written content in this blog nice job.

  19. This is so brilliant! You can write different inspirational words everyday. Plus, it's a great showpiece at home! It's a very unique plaque that even kids would love! Kudos to you! For thinking about this very great idea! :)


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