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Hi Dolls, today it's my pleasure to introduce my sister-in-law {hubby's sister} Stephanie! She's new to the blogging world and is very interested in meeting new friends in the blogging community! Here is her story! Make sure to go check out her blog and leave her some LOVE! :)

Hey Everyone! I'm Stephanie and I'm a blogger using my talents to glorify God. You can find anything from marriage, children, life after divorce and strengthening your relationship with Christ over at my blog, A Diamond in the Rough. This blog was inspired by my experiences and daily walk with Christ and answering the calling on my life to minister to women who are where I have been. I believe all of our trials in life have been given to us so we can overcome them and help someone else. Here no topic is off limits and you never know where God leads us next!

I always consult God on what it is he would have me to share, so when Lauren asked me to guest blog for her I started seeking God for just the perfect topic to share over at Wifestyles. It wasn't until this afternoon that I fully got an understanding of the message he wanted me to bring through this post.

Occasionally I have been asked to do hair and make up for special occasions. Today I had the pleasure of providing my services for a bridal party. It was full of your typical day of wedding drama beginning with me not being able to get to the bridal party without an ID on me which I did not have. For all of you brides out there, I'm sure you can sympathize with the bride, who was slightly freaking out since your makeup artist and hair stylist is probably the most important person you want to see (other than your future husband) on the day of your wedding. Throughout the day a few other fails arose as we were preparing the bridal party. It reminded me of my first marriage and how important it is to keep your focus on the meaning of your marriage not the success of your wedding.

The bride I was working with today said something so imperative that it stuck with me the entire day. She said that she started out as one of those bridezilla brides, but there came a point where she let that go, and said, "let's just go to Vegas." Now obviously, she didn't go to Vegas, but the concept behind what she was saying is exactly what God wanted me to share with you today. A wedding comes and goes in 24 hours and while you are creating memories, if you find yourself caring more about the events the day of your wedding than your marriage it is time to stop, regroup and remember why it is you're having a wedding to begin with.

In my first marriage I knew before I got married that I probably shouldn't be doing it but I got so consumed in planning this amazing wedding that I completely lost sight of the fact that I was making a covenant with God and my husband to endure all things with him for the rest of my life. That commitment is far more serious than any wedding that could ever be planned. Three years later, when I got remarried, I knew our hearts were in the right place when the wedding we were planning was abruptly cancelled. It didn't bother me at all to put aside my wedding and money invested to marry my husband in a simple ceremony. We shared our wedding with a handful of people and it was perfection in my eyes.

So I'm here today to encourage all you Wives in Waiting to have fun in planning and preparing for one of the greatest days of your life AND let the meaning of your marriage stay with you and drive you through your planning adventure. If you share your special day with no one other than your husband, know that God is with you, in the midst of your union and as long as you keep him in the center of your marriage you will always succeed. Where any two gather together in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20

I just want to send out an extra special Thank You to Lauren for having me visit at Wifestyles and being so supportive of my Blog Launch.



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