New Year, New Goals!


I'm BACK!!!! :)
So sorry I've been MIA lately! I took a little break due to the holidays! But I'm back just in time for a NEW year! :) I hope everyone's Christmas was just as great as ours! {Recap to come!}

I have some great goals/resolutions set for 2013 that I thought I would share with you guys! So I decided to do a VLOG! Hope you enjoy! I would love to hear all of your goals and resolutions for the new year too!

{PS- I dyed my hair black!!}

2012 had a lot of ups and a few downs but altogether it was a fantastic year! But I'm ready to start fresh and make 2013 an EVEN better year!


  1. Wishing you health and happiness in2013!

  2. You're seriously the cutest! #1 -I love the new hair color. Did you get it professionally done? My hair is currently ombre and I like it..but I have little gray hairs popping in that blended in muuuuch better when I was a blondie! Eeek! and #2 - 108 is my magic number too :) Good luck on reaching your goals and Happy New Year!!

  3. I love love love the new hair color! gorg.

    I am so so so glad I found your blog, seriously! Looking fwd to getting to know you more and keeping up w. you and your journey of 2013 goals/resolutions!

    happy new year friend!

  4. Love your hair!! I'm with you on the organization, ah! Like you, can't cut out my sweet tea! I did good about not drinking any soda (pop, as you say ha) for a looong time, but lately I've been drinking one a day. I feel SO much better when I don't drink any!!

  5. It made me laugh that you said, "pop." Do you live in the north? Awesome resolutions! Happy 2013 :)

  6. Ha! I know I don't really know you....but I think you are awesome! :) We have some things in common for the ocd organization and a love for blogging and photography. I will pray you reach all of your hopes and goals for the New Year. My resolution is to keep constantly in my mind every single day "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."

  7. One of my goals is definitely to live a better life style and cut back on the "pop"! Made me laugh when you said that because we call all soda's coke! Would love for you to check out my blog, I haven't blogged much lately but definitely plan to more!!

  8. LOVE your new hair color! Good luck on reaching your goals.... I am very organized as well and pinterest makes me want to ORGANIZE even more!! :)

  9. Girl--I am convinced the pounds that are put on after marriage are because you're 'fat and happy' (not that you are fat by any means, but that is what I told myself!!) You'll work it off. Pop is definitely evil and replacing it with sparkling water helped me awhile back!) I think saving a cold pop for special occasions or like once a week is fine. Dr Oz has lots of info, the more you read about it the easier it is to stop drinking it. Either way, you're young and look great, but I understand health is important! I cannot see where 2013 takes you! {I hope you become a mommy sometime soon hehe} Happy New Year pretty!!

  10. Good goals! I loove the photography one- I have debated taking some classes and having a small weekend referral typ "business"! I can't wait to see what you can accomplish! Best wishes love xo

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  13. Happy 2013!!! Here is wishing you the best!!!

  14. You are so cute!! Love that you call it "pop," too! hehe that's what my grandparents always call it :) Your hair looks great, girl! Love your last one. Be closer to God is always on my list. It's an on-going walk :) heart you!!


  15. I LOOOOVE your hair color! I'm thinking about going a shade or two darker in the very near future!!

    Happy New Year!

    Lots of Love,

    The NB

  16. Love all of your goals for 2013!! I am such a pop addict too, it's so hard to give up though!

  17. Love the new hair color, Lauren! It looks perfect on you. did you get your hair sooo long?? I'm so jealous. I've been trying to grow mine out for a couple of years. I take special vitamins to help it grow...which does work, but it's still taking a while...Hope you have a wonderful new year! Love keeping up with your blog-excited to see what 2013 holds for you!

  18. Love your hair dark, but I'm sure it was beautiful no matter what color!

    I love your blog too!

    Happy new year.

  19. Love the hair color girl! And it's so cute that you call it pop!

  20. Happy New Year! Your hairlooks great black :)

  21. Your super cute I really enjoy your blog hair looks great!!!

  22. Best person of 2012... I'd recommend the 101 - 103 lb range :)

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