Q&A VLOG part 2!


Happy Monday! Here are the answers to all of your questions!

A few things before you watch:
-sorry my hair was in my eyes the entire time! I'm used to it like that so I didn't notice!
-I forget about making eye contact about half way through...
-the lighting is not as great as it was on my phone




  1. Yayyy you are such a cutie!! :) Love the vlog, girl! And I have to agree- any recipe that includes the crock pot is like the best ever.

  2. Ah! Lauren! I love your videos! You are seriously adorable!
    Your blog has been a favorite of mine since I started blogging last year! I just know if we ever had the chance to meet in real life - we'd become instant friends! Not too sound like a major creep or anything! hehe!


  3. Fun! You are so pretty Lauren. I really like your scarf too. I'm excited to do my very first vlog this week, YAY!! :)

  4. You are so adorable! Hair tutorials sound like a good idea! I'd definitely watch...your hair is awesome. Another idea is maybe cooking tutorials? I have to see if your potato soup is better than my recipe! :P

  5. You are so pretty!! Love your vlog :))))

    1. ps. I would LOVE to see some hair tutorials!!!

  6. You are adorable! & yes please on the hair tutorials! your hair always looks so good! :)

  7. So cute! Thanks for answering my question :)

  8. Lauren, you have GOT to do a return to the wifestyles blog VLOG! Q & A style, of course. So many questions I want to ask, I'm sure everyone else does as well! You've been gone too long, girl :).


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