I'm An Open Book...


I've been getting lots of requests again for another Q&A VLOG so today is your chance to ask away! I'm an open book! Feel free to also request for things such as tutorials, DIY projects, things you would like to see more of... etc. 




  1. Curious - where did you find your social media buttons and what not. I love how you have them in just silhouettes and also spelled out. I want some to match my blog! So adorable!

  2. how do you constantly get your hair to look so amazing?!?

    do you have an eyeliner you swear by?

  3. are you naturally tan or do use product?? jealous!



  5. Probably not a good vlog question, but I'm totally digging your glasses. Where'd you find 'em?

  6. Are you still going to be a realtor? Or a stay-at-home wife?

    What kinds of things do you during the day or night while your husband is working?

    Any Halloween costume ideas yet?

    Do you work out or have a certain diet? If so-TIPS please!

    Probably a very common question you get & you're probably sick of...babies soon?

  7. Thought of one more ;p How did you adjust from living with your family-to living away from them and on your own with Justin. I know I would be sad sometimes! I'm not good with change. I would think about how I would spend certain parts of the holidays I would normally be with my family (like early morning rituals for holidays, etc.)

  8. Love this idea-- I actually have a Q&A blog post scheduled for next week! Happy Tuesday love!

    Leigh Anne

  9. I love watching other peoples vlogs! I've tried before, but after 10 times of uploading it and it not working, I decided not to!

    Okay, so my questions...

    Do you work, or stay at home while your husband works? Brian (my fiance works) but I'm currently unemployed except for trying to start my photography business, and I'd love to know what you do all day! It can get boring fast, for me!

    I love your glasses! They are so cute! Where did you get them?

  10. Okay, girl, you are SO FREAKING CUTE. I want a makeup tutorial!!!! And your glasses! Where can I get me some of those?! I'm getting sick of mine! My question... hmmm... What's your favorite dinner to make?? I need some ideas, as a fellow housewifey and all ;)

  11. I love this idea :)

    What is your favorite and least favorite part about blogging/the blogging community?!

  12. Great Idea!!

    How did you know that your husband was Mr. Right?

  13. What is your advice to newer blogs who would like to gain more followers? How do you get vendors/shops to do giveaways on your blog?

  14. You should do hair tutorials! Your hair is awesome!
    What is your favorite thing about blogging?
    How is your house renevating going?
    Do you have any odd habits or hobbies?
    We have met your doggy on a previous vlog...can we meet the kitty too??
    What is your daily routine like?

  15. you look just like my sis, but with darker hair! following you nowwwww

  16. what kind of make up do you use? youre always so flawless!

  17. How were you able to get your job as a wedding concierge? I am interested in doing that but I have no idea how to go about looking like I know what I'm doing or talking about!

  18. What is your skin care routine? Your skin is beautiful and I am always looking for insight :)

  19. Plans for the upcoming holidays?

    If you HAD to change THREE things about your life, what would they be?

    If you had to change one thing about your husband what would that be? Same question goes to him about you! :-)

  20. Hi Lauren! I absolutely love your blog and your vlogs! I am considering starting my own vlog because I love yours so much! I have a few questions that I thought it would be interesting to hear the answers!

    1-What are your top 5 favorite Christmas movies & why?
    2-When do you decorate for Christmas?
    3-Any suggestions on hobbies? I'm trying to come up with some for me & I'm a little lost. Something I can do often...and not excersising! LOL
    4-Favorite object in your living room?
    5-Any tips to people like me who are considering a blog?
    6-Favorite apps for your iphone?
    7-When you are bored, what is something you do? Minus social media!
    8-I love your hair! It got long so fast! You should do a tutorial on how you do your hair!
    9-Favorite Christmas song?
    10-Favorite candle scents?
    11-If you had the opportunity to do a reality show of you and your husband-what would be something we would be surprised to see happen? What would we see you do the most? What would we see your husband do the most? What would be the main "theme" of the show?

  21. What was your last big arguement with your husband about and who won? :P

    Are ya ever going to answer the questions? lol it has been a long time since ya posted this.

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