When life hands you lemons...


That time.. Justin, my family and I drove an hour and a half to Columbus to get my real estate application processed, and I got denied because I forget my broker's signature on my application. #awesome
Yes, that really happened...
no worries though, we made the best out of the day and I can mail in my application! {It just takes twice as long!}

Speaking of making the best out of the day, lets move on to the BETTER part!

For example, when we snuck on to the Ohio State University stadium and field! :)
It was so fun! One of the guys that was there showed us the way in! The guys had so much fun seeing the stadium again and I of course had lots of fun taking pictures!

Such an awesome stadium! :)
Jumping on the field!
Haha my hubby made this picture his phone background!
His two loves, football and his wifey! :)
Standing on the 50 yard line!
Sometimes unexpected things happen, but that doesn't mean you can't make the best out of the unexpected!

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!"


  1. Good to meet you Saturday :)

  2. Great pics!! Love your outfit, you look so cute! :)

  3. So sweet! Love that you made the best out of the situation... because I probably would've sat in the car and cried. I can be dramatic sometimes :)

  4. That's awesome that you got to sneak on to the field! Way to make the best out of the situation! :)

  5. I LOVE anonymous people who have super exciting lives, yet choose to sit and read blogs, making useless, ignorant comments

    Specifically, the anonymous part. Cowards.

    Best wishes on your new career! You're going to love it!


  6. That sucks about your application! Hope it gets processed quickly!
    Looks like y'all had fun, though!

  7. hahaha at least you had a good time anyway! I have a similar picture in the sense that I'm attempting that jump but not on a football field. hahah Let's just say my "cheerleading jump" was not so pretty! hahah My hair looks like a huge fan is blowing on me and my one foot is flexed. Yikes!!! :)

  8. is your hair naturally wavy/curly?? I love it!

  9. Omg what a bummer! Glad to see that you had a good day anyway :) So true that when life hands you lemons you gotta make lemonade! It's easy to get down when something bad happens but it makes it so much better if you just forget about it and change the day for the better :)

  10. you're so cute!! looks like you had fun, in spite of your circumstances! LOVE that! xo

  11. hahaha Ooops on your application...but having the field to yourself =awesome!!

  12. Oh my gosh those pictures are seriously amazing!! How many people get to do that in their lifetimes??? So jealous!! Plus you look adorable which always helps! :)

  13. Seriously... stop being so adorable!! (;

  14. We just snuck on the Ohio State football field too!!! It's AMAZING!! Love your jumping pic! We did one like that and another one of us doing cartwheels...your jumping pic is far cuter than ours turned out lol


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