Well, I officially did it... I finally pulled off a surprise party for my husband! If you knew him you would know that surprising him is almost impossible. He's the guy who guesses all of his Christmas gifts {correctly} as soon as you place them under the tree. He's that good. He's also extremely good at finding out secrets and knowing when you're hiding something. So this surprise was a huge success in my eyes! :)

 I called his mom a couple weeks ago asking her if she wanted to help me with his surprise party and of course she agreed and the planning began! We invited both sides of our family and a few of Justin's closest friends! We decided to have it at a local sports bar in our home town! They have the most amazing food and they accommodate a lot of people! After making reservations and sending out invites I knew I had to get a cake from AmyCakes & Cookies!

The morning of the party I made an excuse to get out of the house and went with my parents to pick up his cake and get balloons! I prayed all day I wouldn't slip up and ruin the surprise! When 4 o'clock rolled around his mom called and asked us to meet her for dinner! Once we pulled up I thought the cost was clear until he saw his friend Andrew's red Jeep parked out front! He instantly started asking questions and said, "LAUREN, what did you do?!!" I just continued walking into the restaurant and replying with, "nothing? what are you talking about? That's not his Jeep!" He didn't buy it... Even though he technically found out before we got inside I still count it as a surprise! ;)

Here are some pictures from the party! {Sorry they were taken from my iPhone my camera stopped working!}

My birthday boy! :)
Group picture! :)
My cousin Andrea and I after dinner!
The most amazing cookie cake ever!
It was a perfect night that I hope he never forgets! :) His birthday gift/surprise will be in tomorrow's post!


  1. I love surprising people, glad you could pull it off! I have so much fun with Jared's bday every year, I LOVE it :)

    Was this at Roosters by chance?!

  2. aww surprise parties are so fun! nice job keeping the secret!

  3. ILOVE surprising people it's one of my absolute favorite things to do. :)

  4. Nice job with the party - looks like a great time!!! You look super cute in that dress too! :)

  5. awwww i am SO impressed that you pulled it off so well!!! i am so bad with surprises, i know i'd ruin it wayyyy before the party, haha!

    you look GORGEOUS, as always, girl!

    happy late birthday to your hubby! can't wait to find out what you got him!

  6. Ha I have yet to pull of a surprise for my husband. Maybe one day it will happen....haha

    As always you look super cute!

  7. Good job! I know surprise parties can't be easy :)

  8. How sweet of you! My hubby is also a really good guesser when it comes to gifts and surprises :) He has a 30th coming up too! Le sigh :)

  9. What a nice wife you are!!! I loove surprise parties...they can be stressful to plan though!

  10. I can never surprise My hubby either!! That is so funny that he didn't know during all the planning and then guessed once you got there! Haha Looks like you guys had a fun time!! :)


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