Oh Emily... 
Could she be any prettier? And Rickey is seriously a doll! How about those introductions? I was hoping for them to be SO much better! Glass slipper guy? Egg man? REALLY?!

SO far I LOVE Arie...{aka race car driver.}
He's sweet, nice and has a lot in common with Emily! I think he could go pretty far...
Ryan is another one of my favorites. It's clear he loves kids and is a great guy...
Doug has a sweet kid and a good smile so he's another one that will stick around!
Then we have Jackson.... this guy screamed major tool-bag to me, abs and all. I was glad to see him go!
What do you guys think?! Who is your favorite/least favorite?


  1. LOVE Emily! Arie is my favorite too, and I think her and Ryan are super cute together!

  2. YOu left CHarlie off the list! I thought he was sweet!

  3. Huge Ryan fan!! I'm not a fan of Kalon though, he didn't completely lose me, but I think the entrance was a little much! I agree, the introductions were lacking in creativity (and those that tried came off as creepy!) but we'll see. I'd watch all season just to get style tips from emily!

  4. It was almost hard to watch the guys they were so awkward! Very few pulled it off--Loved Arie and Ryan!

  5. I definitely love the top 3 guys you have up there!
    Going to be a great season! :)

  6. I love Arie & Doug!! I do like Charlie too! He's a cutie!

  7. I love Ryan too!!! I am hosting a new link party about The Bachelorette - you should check it out - I would love for you to join!! :)

  8. I really like Arie. He freakishly resembles and ex boyfriend of mine, not that I'm still pining for my ex boyfriend or anything. He just posses physical features that I apparently love. And what can I say, I'm lovin' lil Jef. Mostly because he is the first Utahn on this show that hasn't completely run the state's good name through the mud. And I can't remember his name, but the dude with long hair that was like a rehab counselor? yeah, I think he is pretty, but not Emily's style, so he won't be around long. Stevie the DJ drove me more nuts that the tool bag helicopter man. Though that may have been the alcohol talking. Still, he reminded me of a very angry leprechaun, too much green, not enough height. Step down little man, step down.

  9. i really like the skateboard guy!!!
    xo TJ

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