Today I'm linking up with Pamela for her "blast for the past" prom link up!
How fun right?! So way back in 2009 I had my senior prom!

Here is a little run down of how it went...

Did you go with friends or a date?
I went with Justin {who is now my hubby} and all my girlfriends and their dates! My hubby was such a good sport too! He told me he would come back to prom with me for my senior year, even though he already graduated 3 years before! He hated every minute of seeing all of his old teachers but we had a great time! He even rented us a Hummer to drive for the night!
What was the theme of your prom?
I believe the theme was "A Night In Paris" because we got to take home these really cute Eiffel Towers!
What was the "style" for dresses then?  How did you pick your dress?
The style for the dresses would have been revealing, bright and floral print.  I fell in love with the first dress I tried on! Mine was even too "revealing" for me to buy myself so I had to make my mom come to the store and sign for it because it showed my stomach and was low cut in the back! What a rebel I was...
Looking back, do you still like your dress?
I still LOVE it! I would re-pick it all over again!
Any other memorable event?
Other than me getting a huge wad of gum stuck to my dress and continually stepping on it the entire night, everything else ran completely smooth! Prom was a blast and I'm so glad my hubby decided to go back to prom with me! It wouldn't have been the same without him!

So, how was your prom?!! Go link up! :)


  1. Beautiful!! :) I love that color yellow on you! It looks so good! Love how we went to prom with our (now) husands!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Loved your dress!!!!!!! I still can't believe you're not 21 yet!

  3. Gorgeous dress!! The revealing dresses were starting to get popular right as I graduated--there were a few at my Sr. prom.

  4. homeschooled.. no prom. ): but I LOVE reading everyone else's!! you were/are sooo tan!! :P

  5. Cute post from a blast from the past..and stinker about the gum on your dress! YUCK!

  6. That's so funny, I just did a post about what I would change if I went to prom again! I didn't even know about this link-up, haha. I love your dress too! Yellow is my favorite color and it looked very flattering on you!

  7. I'm going to link up!!


  8. Girl, that dress is amazing!! I wish those were in style when I was a senior. Love it!

  9. Sounds like a lovely time and you look gorgeous! I never actually had a prom, I was sunning it in Kefalonia when everyone had it, but apparently I didn't miss out on much! Lovely dress, can't believe you had to get your mum to come with you to sign for it, that's so silly! XxxX

  10. Love your dress! I went to prom with my future hubby too!!


  11. Ooohhhh so pretty! *Sigh* This makes me want to take out some of my prom pictures (from 10 years ago!). I also hope you have a wonderful birthday this weekend!! <3


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