Friday Letters!


Dear John, I kid. I kid. {Couldn't resist!} But seriously...

Dear Life, boy oh boy are you changing right now. However you're changing for the better so NO complaints here! Dear Hubby, words can not describe how proud I am of you! You fought so hard for your dream and you never gave up. I'm so happy we can both officially say you're a Police Officer! {If you don't know the full story you can read it HERE.} Dear Family, You guys don't know how much you mean to me. Every night I thank God for each and everyone of you in my life. I love you ALL to the moon and back. Dear Furbabies, you both keep me VERY busy but I can honestly say I wouldn't trade the two of you for anything in the world! Dear Blog, I tried to schedule posts for the week and out of the 6 days I had "scheduled" I've only stuck with publishing 3. {Bad blogger I know.} Also, I really want to do a really fun giveaway when I reach 500 followers! Lets make it happen? Dear Summer, I heart you. That is all! Dear Weekend, I'm so excited to enjoy every minute of you and all our fun plans! Dear Ring, I really need to get you cleaned and inspected... like yesterday. Dear God, last but certainly not least, thank you for everything you've done for Justin and I. You've blessed our lives beyond belief and have always had a plan for us. So with that said, I'm very, very, very sorry for doubting you.

Until next week...

Lots of love,

xo -Lauren

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  1. haha. love the "dear john".
    and of course, the shout out to your furbabies. they are lucky to have ya.

  2. Aww, I love this! I'm so happy for you and your husband! It's tough becoming a police officer huh!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  4. Congratulations to your husband!! It's such a long process. Have a great weekend!

  5. Haha Dear John, gotta love Channing Tatum.

  6. love the letters!!
    Congrats to your hubby!!!!

    Happy Friday!!

  7. Love your last letters----- I think we ALL feel that way sometimes. Thank goodness our God is a gracious one! COngrats to your hubby! YAHOO! Have fun celebrating! Loved your letters, thanks for linking up!


  8. love the letters and congratulations to your hubby!
    x jes,

  9. congrats to your hubby! i've been through the entire process with a long-term boyfriend before and it is HARD work!! They deserve a lot more respect than they get for all they do. Good luck to him! happy weekend girlfriend!

  10. Congrats to your hubby! He has been through so much to finally be a police officer! He totally deserves it! You two are an amazing couple!!

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