April Fools!


Who doesn't love a good April Fools joke right?!
I know this is rather cliché for most newlywed couples to joke about "expecting" but we thought, what the heck!?

So I posted this little photo earlier on Facebook this morning and well... it was a hit!
A lot of people really thought we were expecting!

My favorite comment out of the entire thing was from my friend Krista!
She knows me way to well!
She's 100% right because I'll be going ALL out for our baby announcement! :)

So did you guys play any pranks this April Fools day?!!
I would love to hear them!


  1. hahaha your friend krista nailed it with what she said.
    i tell my mom i'm pregnant every year. and every year it doesn't work.
    one day when i am pregnant, i plan to save the news until april 1st so i can finally, FINALLY, get her. even though it'll be true.
    xx jes


  2. Lol that is funny. I told my best friend she should do it and she was too afraid.

  3. Hahah that's so funny! Last year on April fools, I posted a picture of a sonogram picture that I found on google to my at the time boyfriend's facebook. Nobody commented or anything, but we later found out his aunt believed it along with a couple of others! I guess they were too scared to say anything since we're still teens!

  4. Too funny. I didn't even think about doing anything like this. My in-laws are in town, too!! It would have been perfect :)

  5. TOTALLY forgot today was April fools!! Hmmmm, need to come up with a GOOD prank! lol

  6. Thats a good one!! I did that prank on my dad he flipped:)

  7. Haha so funny! A friend of mine did the same thing and my heart dropped into my stomach! Cant wait for the REAL announcement! Especially since you're so crafty ;]

  8. Ha ha! LOVE this! I wish I would've pulled this prank when we were first married!
    I totally forgot it was April Fool's when I woke up this morning and I got on Facebook first thing.... so I fell for a lot of jokes :)

  9. I totally forgot to pull an April Fools prank!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cute little prank you did!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  10. I did the pregnant thing too. What was really funny is that my friends really fell for it. We had people calling our parents to congratulate them :) I was kinda embarrassed. I never thought it would go that far :) April Fool's :)

  11. Your friend is right I'm sure when yo do have a baby announcement it will be super cute and original! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/

  12. I soo should have done this to Alex. Seeing as we JUST had a baby 3 months ago, I'm sure he would have completely choked! It would have been hilarious! :)

  13. Yeah, I will be consulting Pinterest anytime I am making a public announcement from here on out. And I got my mom by putting her brand new Macbook Pro on the local classifieds for ridiculously cheap. Needless to say the phone was ringing off the hook.

  14. haha I just saw this! It's so true though- I honestly knew it was a joke the moment I saw that poor attempt at craftiness ;) I know you better than that! :) Although I can't wait for the "real" announcement either! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! love ya!

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