Happy St. Patrick's Day!
My present to you is another lame-o VLOG from yours truly! ;)
Try not to laugh too hard!


  1. I love love watching videos of Bloggers because I always imagine what everyone sounds like!!!!
    Cute video!

  2. You are so cute! Maybe one day I'll get around to actually doing one of these. I just don't know what I'd say! LOL. Have a great weekend Lauren!

  3. My husband hates kissing me when I have lip gloss on too :)

  4. I have the same cheetah print key and mace! My boss got all the girls at the salon mace because we had crazy stalkers too, it was freaky! And my husband hates kissing me with lip gloss on, but I always sneak attack kiss him. Get's him every time haha :)
    You're just too cute girl!

  5. um yeah so the whole time I watched this vlog I was all, wait, am I watching Audrina Patridge? Seriously, you look just like her. and I LOVE that picture wallet and that burts bees stuff is my FAVORITE EVER!!!!!!!!

    "it matches every single one of my coach purses" how many coach purses you have lol!!

    you are too cute!

  6. Lauren, you are so adorable!! love your cheetah glasses, too! my hubby got me my very first coach purse on our honeymoon, and i loooove it. :)

  7. LOVE this! Videos posts are the best! :) Thanks!

  8. k love this along with your adorable blog.

    definitely your newest follower!

  9. Hey Lauren! I just found you from Aunie Sauce's blog, and I just watched your vlog. You are too stinkin' cute! I'm now following you on GFC :) Xo


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