Life Lately!


Let me start off by saying... Happy Saturday! The weekend is exactly what I need! Our house renovations have been taking over our lives and I'm ready for a little break and some down time to get our house back in order!

With that being said, I feel like I've been neglecting one of my favorite things... {blogging.} So I thought I would play 'catch up' and get you all up to date on our lives lately.

First off,  how sweet is this "just because" text I got from my sweet hubby this morning?!
He just makes my heart smile! :)

All this house remodeling and warm weather lately has put me into Spring cleaning mode! Our house is finally getting to the point where everything can be organized and I'm taking full advantage of it! Today I worked on organizing my {yes, Justin gave me my own and took the extra in the guest room} closet and getting all of my Spring and Summer clothes out! I'm so excited it's almost that time of year again! I could live in sundresses and flip flops!
I probably have close to 20 dresses... slight addiction?

I've also been trying to eat healthy lately...
and sometimes it works...
that is until date night rolls around!
{AKA tonight!}

3 words: RED ROBIN yummmm!
How can you resist bottomless fries?

Speaking of date nights, last night the hubs and I went to look at/play with puppies! I have a secret mission right now. It's called: Operation convince husband I need a puppy for my birthday!
I think I'm doing pretty well in the convincing department.

Aren't they a match made in heaven?!

My last cheer game was today! The season ending is so bittersweet! I'm going to miss my girls so much!
{Please excuse my glowing eyes!}

Last but not least...
this little email has brought up lots of baby talk all around!

"Happy 6 months, now go make some babies!"
Justin loves his life haha!

Okay, that's life lately for us... what have you guys been up to?!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I've new on an spring cleaning/organizing kick here lately too! Looks like a great week! New follower. :)

  2. I'm starting our spring cleaning this week! I'm so excited because it makes me excited for warm weather! Flip flops, tank tops, and dresses? Sign me up!! New follower here, too! :)

  3. Hey Lauren! -First off, you're gorgeous, which I'm sure you hear all.the.time. Totally agree about sunddresses and flip flops, I'm def. not a winter kinda girl. Second thanks for stopping by my blog and showing love. I totally adore new followers! :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG! SO STINKIN' CUTE! Excited to me your newest follower! *xoxo*

  4. Dayton mall pet store!!? ;) They always have THEEE cutest puppies! :) Get oneeee!!

  5. Love your blog!! Your newest follower!

  6. The Red Robin here stopped doing bottomless fries! I almost cried over this bad news.. My husband has in own closet too, the tiny one and I have the massive one haha
    And... You always look so adorable Lauren!! :)

  7. Love his sweet text. Y'all are precious! I've never had Red Robin before, but I am always up for bottomless fries.

  8. Hey girly! I just wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the Sunshine Award! You can read more about it at my blog! I hope you're having a good one :)

  9. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

  10. those onion rings look bomb diggity!!


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