Tell me something GOOD! Meet Allison!


It's Thursday, which means...
Today I want you to meet the sweet and beautiful Allison!
She's blogs over HERE!

-Tell me about yourself and your fabulous blog!

Hello WIFESTYLE readers, my name is Allison! I am a first grade dual language teacher. This is my third year of teaching and I absolutely love it! My husband and I got married this past June and honeymooned in Antigua. We are originally from the Houston area but now call Dallas home. We have an almost 8 year old Blue Healer named Acey. I started this blog to document of lives as newlyweds. I blog over at Moments Like This. I write about life as newlyweds, budgeting, school, cooking, crafting, building a house and lots of other random things. Come join me and let me know you stopped by. I love finding new blogs to read and people that I have something in common with.

-Tell me something good you have going on in your life at the moment.

We are planning to move in the middle of May. We have been living in an apartment for far too long! We are fortunate enough to be building our first home. They should break ground within the next two weeks. We are very excited about this process!

-Tell me one materialistic thing you can't live without.

I really am not a materialistic person. One thing I cannot live without is my iPhone. My phone is always with me. I rarely miss a phone call and I respond to emails/text almost immediately. I have access to anything I may need with my phone. I have a minor panic attack if I forget it or if it is dying and I have no way of charging it!

-Tell me your favorite holiday.

My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas! Christmas is not what it used to be. I used to be so excited about what I was going to get and making my list months before. As I have grown up though, it has come to mean so much more. It’s now about giving and spending time with family. Moving away from my family has really made me realize how important they are to me and I now cherish anytime that I spend with them.

-Tell me your favorite vacation spot.

My husband and I go on a trip every year. Normally it is to a state nearby and those vacations are fun but the most fun of all was our honeymoon. We went to Antigua and had a blast. There is nothing like going to an island for a week and not having to worry about where we need to be or what we are going to eat. I can’t wait to go back or visit another place like it!

-Tell me a short version of your love story.

Our love story is long lol so here is the short version. We met our senior year of high school and started dating immediately. 2 months into our relationship we broke up. I was devastated! I don’t feel like it was love at first site but we had been through a lot in the short 2 months we dated. We got back together 3 months later and have been together ever since. We just celebrated 8 years of dating in January. We went through our senior year of high school and college as boyfriend and girlfriend. He graduated a year before me and moved to Dallas. I followed him here soon after and we were engaged a little over a year after that. We both knew for a long time that we would get married. It was just a matter of time (&money) before it happened! We were married June 4th and I will forever cherish that day and my wonderful husband!

Thank you so much, Lauren, for this fun series! I love your blog and encourage everyone to follow!!

Thanks again Allison! You did great! :)


  1. Aw, such a sweet girl. I love her blog too. Thanks for having her Lauren. I'm glad I got to know her a little better :)

  2. ahh so sweet! On my way to go check out her blog!

  3. I love this series that you do! What a cute girl she is.

  4. Fun guest post! :)
    I can't live without my phone either!


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