Homemade Fruit Pizza!


Are you struggling to find something to make for tonight's Superbowl party?
If so, it's your luck day! This recipe is so simple and easy and only takes about 12 minutes to make!

{Homemade Fruit Pizza}

What you will need:

-roll of sugar cookie dough
-fruit of your choice {I used strawberries, kiwi and blueberries}
-1 package of cream cheese


1. pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
2. roll out dough onto pan/cookie sheet
3. bake for 10 minutes
4. soften cream cheese in microwave
5. mix 3 or 4 tbs of sugar with cream cheese
6. allow 10 minutes for cookie and and cream cheese mix to cool in the fridge
7. Ice cookie with cream cheese spread and add fresh fruit


PS- pictures from my photo shoot and DIY {V-day} tutorials coming soon!

In the mean time enjoy my new header!
{Let me know what you think! That's a picture from my shoot!}

PPS: Who do you want to win the Superbowl?


  1. That looks so yummy!

    Love your new layout and picture, too cute!

  2. Wow that looks sooo yummy!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. ohmigoodness, that looks soooo good!! I'll definitely have to try it :)

    And your new picture! ADORBS! you are just the cutest thing, i swear xo

  4. I love the new header!And the pizza looks YUM!

  5. I make that all the time! One of my favorites!

  6. Saving this recipe! Great idea!

  7. Well now my mouth's watering! I love kiwi's!! Looks yummy.

  8. ahhh, i LOVE fruit pizza! one of my sorority sisters used to make it all the time and got me hooked!!!

  9. Wow I have never even heard of this pizza! Oh my goodness I love your new layout looks so professional! whoohoo!

  10. Oh this fruit pizza looks amazing! I haven't had it in so long and now I'm craving it!

  11. Im a new follower and I am just in love with your blog, you have such great things! this looks amazing. Thank you!

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