The best LOVE day!


Valentine's Day is a day for love all around. I feel everyday is really, however on Valentine's Day I feel that it's a day to make others feel extra special. Like they're wanted, needed, cherished and cared for.  So I made it a goal of mine to take time out of my day and go the extra mile.

As I've mentioned before on here my Gramma is very sick. She's battled cancer 5 times now and is still at war with that awful disease. She had a tracheotomy surgery done about 6 weeks ago and is still recovering. I go to visit her pretty often at the hospital and she knows how much she is loved by me, but with it being Valentine's Day I wanted to make her feel extra special.  So, I woke up early and set out to Krogers on a hunt for the perfect boquet of flowers and a cute little balloon. When I walked into her room her eyes were filled with pure joy. I knew right then I made her day complete.

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person, inside and out!
{She's the only person I know that can be sick and look that good!}

After my visit at the hospital with my Gramma I wanted to do something kind to show my sweet, old neighbor Bill {that recently lost his wife- see their story HERE!} that I was thinking about him! So I put together a little Valentine's Day goodie bag and headed over to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day!

His smile was priceless.
It really is the little things in life that matter most.

The rest of the day was just as great! I love showing my hubby how much he means to me!

V-day gifts!
I love ballons :)

Justin and I had dinner reservations at Brio and boy did it NOT disappoint.  We had such a great dinner eating and talking about our day and our previous 5 Valentine's Days together! I still can't believe it's been 5 years! This one was super special because it was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple!

The food was phenomenal as always!
I love their caesar salads and strawberry daiquiris!
 The strawberry cheescake speaks for itself!

The perfect ending to a great day/night was seeing This Means War! It was hilarious! I definantly recommend it! {Don't worry we already saw The Vow this past weekend! I couldn't wait until Valentine's Day!}

So how was your Valentine's Day?!
I would love for you to share recaps on your blogs so I can check them out! :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great valentines day and like you touched so many people. Sharing love with others is priceless. We are celebrating valentines day Saturday with our anniversary. I will keep your neighbor and grandmother in my prayers. God bless you!

  2. Oh I really want to see that movie! LOVE Reese!

  3. Aw! Lauren you are such a sweet heart! I really want to be better and show kindness and love to those around me!
    What a perfect Valentines date with your man :)

  4. I love balloons too!! :)

    That caesar salad looks amazing! I was debating whether I should go get a caesar salad for lunch or just eat what I brought. After reading your blog I think Im suppose to have that salad today! hahah

    And strawberry cheesecake....heavenly!!

  5. Aww! You are such a sweet girl!! Your Gramma is precious! Ohh, that food. YUM! I want to see This Means War! It looks hilarious! I am in the process of typing up a guest post for your series, if you're still interested!?

  6. How sweet are you? BRIO looks so delish! I want to see This Means War love Reese :-)

  7. Aw you seem like such a beautiful person inside & out! What a cute special way to maek someone feel special! And I wish the best for your grandma! I can't imagine how hard that might be!

    Oh a brighter note, I wanna see that!

  8. Your grandmother is beautiful! I send lots of love/positive vibes her way! You are the sweetest thing, bringing smiles to those who really needed them. I am sure Bill was so happy. I'm tearing up just thinking about how kind that is! I want to see This Means War!! Glad to hear it's funny. Sounds like you and your hubby really made the most out of Valentine's Day. So happy to hear! Much love!!

  9. Lauren you are like the perfect person. You set such a good example to everyone! I'll pray for your grandmother. What an amazing Valentine's Day you had :)

    I want to see that movie SO BAD!!

  10. That was so nice and super sweet of you to do that for your family and friends. I know they appreciated it more than you will ever know. Also, this was our first married Valentine's Day too :) Yay for memories and milestones. That food looks amazing as well :) Yum :) Glad you had such a great day :)

  11. Your grandma is gorgeous and I will keep her in my prayers, there is nobody like our grandmothers, that's for sure! Looks like you had a great Valentines Day!!!

  12. You're so sweet, your granny is beautiful & sounds like a very strong lady :)

  13. Aw you are such a sweetheart!! Glad to hear you had a wonderful first married VDay!! :) Sending prayers out for your grandma and your family! You can definitely tell that the two of you are related...You look similar! You're both very beautiful!

  14. i am so glad to hear "this means war" is good... i want to see it so bad!

  15. That was so sweet of you to give your grandma those gorgeous flowers and make the goody bags! :) I love that idea! Thanks for being an inspiration! <3 Love your blog!

    ~Rachel <3

  16. Awww reading this post made me teary eyed! That is SO sweet what you did for your neighbor and grandma!

    I LOVE Brio as well!! I re-make their chopped salad at home often since we do not have one by us! Mmmm!

  17. You are so thoughtful! What great ways to show people love :)

    That cheesecake looks divine, and I want to see that movie!

  18. It looks like a great Valentines day! I was wondering how the movie was, I'm gonna go see it now. Thanks for following my blog. You have such a cute blog :)

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