NYE & Resolutions!


NYE was filled with fun...
glittery nails...

 a pretty NYE Dress...
& a midnight kiss!

here's a look at my New Year Resolutions!

{12 before 2013}

1. Find a home church that Justin and I both love and become members.

2. Become closer to God. {Study God's word, pray longer, get involved in church.}

3. Get physically fit. {Workout once a day, only if it's for 30 minutes a day.}

4. Eat healthier, cut out pop/junk food as much as possible.

5. Travel to at least two new places.

6. Finish our house remodeling completely.

7. Pay off remaining debt.

8. Build up our savings account more.

9. Be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor and person.

10. Get a puppy!

11. Learn to be a successful couponer.

12. Rid myself of all negativity!

What are your goals for the new year?


  1. The nails and the dress are really awesome!

  2. What a cute dress!! :) You are so gorgeous Lauren! :)

    I love your list....especially the last one!!

  3. Sounds like good resolutions. I haven't really made any.. I could try getting rid of all the clothes etc. I don't wear anymore :D Donate or take to fleamarket, something must be done soon!

    Have a happy new year,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  4. sounds like a good list of resolutions. I would also like to get rid of all negativity from my life. Sometimes it's hard. The dress is cute. Like the glittery nails.

  5. SO PRETTY! Happy New Year!! Ill be praying for you all to find a home church and become members :) love your 12 in 2013!

  6. Such fun resolutions! 2, 3, and 5 are definitely on my goals too!

  7. Great list for the new year!!! Definitely all worthy goals. Your list looks a lot like mine :)

    Ooh! And I just have to say, about the couponing, my hubs and I actually have a website all about couponing!!! Please check it out, and let me know what you think. http://lookbeforespending.com


  8. Awesome resolutions... our lists are quite similar! ;) And I'm with you on couponing- always wanted to get into it but just haven't yet. Hopefully 2012 will be our year to do just that! :) Happy new year!

  9. hahaha I don't know about the couponer...but that is a cute one! I need to find a church I like too..I been like church hopping...haha

  10. Good goals & love your dress! I am working on my goals post!

  11. What great goals for the New Year! I also want to live a healthier lifestyle, pay off debt, and grow closer to God! Happy New year, LOVE your dress by the way :)

  12. you are so cute!!! happy new year! xo

  13. Love your nails! You're too cute! Love all of your resolutions!! I have some similiar ones on my list! Good luck ;)

  14. those are great resolutions!! I like the whole visit 2 places you've never been. I think I need that on my list too (:
    Happy New Years!!

  15. What a great list of resolutions! BTW, I love your nails!

  16. thanks for stopping by today. glad we found each other.

    you are GORGEOUS....wow! and what a beautiful bride you made!!!

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