Our Christmas Rundown


Friday. Saturday. CHRISTMAS!

Are you in panic mode yet?
I'm trying my hardest to keep calm and jingle on :)

and remember, whatever you do...

So here's a look at our Christmas rundown:

-Finish last minute shopping, yes this year I'm one of "those people."

- Finish wrapping gifts with all my beautiful wrapping paper!

Arent' these the cutest presents you've ever seen? #ithinkso

Last but not least...

-Start all of my holiday baking!
^ fabulous ingredients for these 3 tasty treats!

1. Candy Cane Blossom Cookies

2. Marshmallow Pops
{I'm making mine a little different!}

3. Chocolate covered pretzel rods!

Christmas Eve Day/Night:
- We'll be heading over to my aunt and uncle's at 9am for a fun day filled with amazing food, coffee punch, Christmas treats, family time, games, laughter and presents!

-The laughter, round two for food and treats and family fun will continue at a different location! At 6pm we'll be driving over to Justin's aunt and uncle's house to visit and open gifts with his side of the family!

-Around 10pm we head back to my MIL's house and open gifts with Justin's mom, step dad, sister, her husband and our niece!

{All of our previous years Justin, my brother and I would camp out on my parents floor in front of the tree and sleep out there until Christmas morning and open gifts with my parents the next morning. However this year we're married, so we'll be staying at our own house!}

Christmas Day! :
-I'm so excited to wake up next to my husband on Christmas morning! I can't wait to open presents one on one with him for the first time in front of our own Christmas tree on Christmas morning! :)

-After our little Christmas and breakfast together we'll head over to my mom and dad's to open gifts with my mom, dad, brother and grandma! My dad and mom like to make things extra fun on Christmas morning! This year we'll be adding in some trivia games and our traditional "Let's Make A Deal" game we play while opening presents!

-At 1pm we'll head to Justin's family church to have lunch with his extended family!

-After we'll head back to my mom and dad's and spend the rest of Christmas day there with my family! My mom cooks Christmas dinner around 6pm!

So there ya have it! Our Christmas routine! :)

So what are your holiday plans!? Share them with me!


  1. What a cute idea of camping out together at your parents before you were married! I know what you mean though--- I am SO EXCITED about Christmas morning at our own place, just the two us. It will be such a special time- Enjoy :)

  2. Sounds like an amazing Christmas weekend. That is so exciting you get to open presents with your hubby Christmas morning at your house...I love new traditions! Have a blessed holiday!!

  3. Yall are too cute!! Have fun & merry Christmas girl! :)

  4. I am definitely starting to get in panic mood at bit with Christmas so close, I have everyone's gifts, I always just get worried that people won't like them so the last minute I always try to exchange or do extra shopping.


  5. Whew, girl, y'all will be busy!! Such a blessing to have so many people to celebrate with! We will be spending Christmas day with my family! I can't wait!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. so fun! hope you had a great christmas! cute blog!! I am your new follower!

  7. Wow, I have to ask where did you get the old fashion wrapping paper? That is SO beautiful. The perfect touch of shiny with ribbon & bow :) Haha :) Love it!

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