72 Days and we are still going...


our marriage...
well, it's on the verge-
the verge of many, many, many more years of pure happiness!

Unlike some, ahem {Kim K.} our wedding was actually fo-real.
{I don't know about her} but I could never give up my ring! ;)

happy 72 days of marriage to the love of my life!
And many more days to come! :)


  1. Ha ha! Love this..I mean really....already getting divorced?! Ay yi yi.....you two are so cute!! :) Congrats for showing up Kim!

  2. Congrats to y'all! Considering today's absolute LACK of dedication in relationships, that's something to be proud of!!!

    But seriously...SOOO over the Kardashian hype. YAWN. Was anyone really surprised that it didn't last?

  3. Love the new look of your blog! And I definitely laughed out loud at your 72 days. Congratulations! haha.

    Much love,

  4. Your ring is amazing!! You lucky girl :)

  5. I love your ring, its really different did you pick it out yourself?

  6. Happy 72 days!!!! SO happy for you!!!!

  7. Happy 72 days.

    Some people divorce so easely.

  8. Aww how cute is this! Happy 72 days! I'm sure you two will have many many more.

    p.s. Love that ring ;)


  9. haha cute post lady! happy 72 days!

  10. LOVE this post! And love your ring! It's amazing! Can't wait til I can experience married life and enjoy it as much as you two do!

  11. woo hoo for 72 days!! love your ring.

  12. yay. congrats. you guys are seriously too cute. love this post. I've got pictures from my first Halloween in Hollywood over at Fash. Love to hear what you think. xo


  13. u're so pretty!! congrats.

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  14. Happy 72 days of marriage bliss! So happy to see other couple who are madly in love. You guys are adorable! Stunning ring

    Enter to win TWO necklaces from Son of a Sailor!

  15. Bhaha, you just made my day:) Congrats on going strong hun :)

  16. ah, hahah cute post! and you ring is gorgeous!

  17. aw, so cute! but sad at the same time. poor kim k. happy 72 girl!!
    xo TJ

  18. Happy 72 days! That sure went fast!

  19. This post made me giggle. :) Y'all are tooooo freakingggg cuuuuute! And I know I'm a bit late (74 days, to be exact!), but CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDINGGGGG!!! Being so busy with things has kept me so out of the loop, but I'm SO happy for y'all! Your pictures are beautiful, and you made a stunning bride! Enjoy newlywed life, and good luck with working on your house, too! Keep us updated! :) <3<3<3

  20. I totally love y'all!!!! Happy 72+ days!!

  21. Hahaha this post is adorable!! <3

  22. Congrats on your 72+ days of marriage. I'm sure yours is one to last a lifetime. I was curious, I see at the top of your blog you have tabs about you, your wedding, and your honeymoon. What happened to the tabs about your engagement and the wonderful makeover job you did on your home? :-) I was coming to your page to read your engagement story again (because I think it is absolutely adorable & makes me happy!) and was so sad to see that it is no longer there!


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