Happy Halloween!


Sad to say,
we won't be dressed up as this...
{Bad Cop and Criminal! BTW-only a part of that tattoo is real!}

or this...
{Jasmine and Aladdin!}

Between the wedding, honeymoon, moving into our new house and getting back into a routine, Halloween was put on the back burner this year.

Halloween is our thing too!
Decorating, carving pumpkins, haunted houses... EVERYTHING!
{Justin's is the headless horseman and mine is a kitty!}

When I lived at my parents house our entire neighborhood would block off our street and have a huge Halloween block party outside!
One year my neighbor even hired a DJ!

So this year,
we didn't have our annual party.
we aren't letting Halloween go unnoticed.

We're having a small get together tonight and passing out candy for 'beggars' night
 and of course I couldn't not have a "costume" so I hit up
Walmart yesterday on a hunt for cat ears! Meow.

Pictures to follow! ;)

So what did you dress up as this Halloween weekend and what were your plans?!

Happy Halloween


  1. I was barbie! You should check it out, you'll love it!! You look so cute in every picture. EVER! I'm so happy you're able to do a Halloween get together! :)

  2. I love your couples costumes! Being pregnant this year, I didn't have much energy to think about halloween so I'm not dressing up this year and feeling totally left out. :( At least I can look forward to a fun family costume next year!!

  3. Aww that sounds JUST like us!! We definitely put it on the back burner! The hubs is working tonight, so I'm going to my parents' house to watch scary movies and pass out candy :) But you'd better believe I'm dressing up, too! Wednesday Adams :) Happy Halloween to you, love!!

  4. all the cool kids aren't dressing up this year. (AKA: me!) ;)

  5. I didn't dress up either, but I am hoping to find something fun to do tonight. I hope your get together goes well, can't wait to see pictures!

  6. I feel like there's been so much going on around Halloween this year I didn't have time to really enjoy the holiday! Enjoy passing out candy tonight-- that's one of my favorite parts!

  7. We didn't dress up this year either...I hope to next year though! And I'm excited to see our little trick-or-treaters. You looked awesome years' past!!

    Check out my first giveaway~a cute purse!

  8. I can't wait to see your photos!! Have a wonderful evening. Sounds like you always have a great time!

  9. I know what you mean- this year has been TOO BUSY to go all out for Halloween, but I'm glad you're still managing to have some fun with it. :D Have a wonderful time tonight and keep looking fabulous!

  10. Gahh!!! We didn't do anything this year because we are saving every cent for the wedding!!! You guys are adorable though!!

  11. Hope your party was so much fun and that you found some cat ears! I wanted to wear mine to work today (I work with kindergartners) but I could not find them and I ran out of time....sad day!

  12. Oh my gosh, we were the worst ever this year. We didn't carve pumpkins. We didn't go to a haunted house. It was just sad.

  13. We made dinner in the crock pot and sat outside and handed candy out to the kids. We got almost 100 kids in our new neighboorhood! Thank God I bought enough candy!! Hope you had fun hosting your small get together!!


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