Wifestyles of the Domesticated Diva?


So I'll just start by saying everyone {including me} had their doubts...
most didn't think I could do it...
with little practice and no prior experience,
doubt was understandable.

I'll admit-
 I'm no Martha
the hubs has NO complaints! ;)

Married life has taken it's toll on me...
 I've discovered my domestic side and I think I like it.

I wake up excited to clean our house,
I get an adrenaline rush thinking about cooking dinner...
What is wrong with me?
I have to say, I've impressed myself.
I haven't even burned one thing!
{BELIEVE it or not.}

Take a look at some of my dinner creations!
First dinner as a married couple! Chicken Alfredo pasta, Brascetta and salad!

Four cheese ravioli, garlic bread and salad!

Today I decided to make the hubby a fruit tray and homemade fruit dip!
He loved it! :)

So what do you ladies like to cook your men for dinner?
Or do they do the cooking?!


  1. i love to cook!! we cooked a drunk chicken a couple of wknds ago and my my it was delicious!! :)

  2. I'm not married, but I do love to clean and cook! My future hubby will be very lucky :P

    Looking at your pics is making me hungry...now I must go find me something to eat :)

  3. I love cooking for my husband! He definitely struggles in the kitchen so it makes his night every night when I have a yummy dinner for him :)

  4. That totally happened to me after I got married too! I even bought a sewing machine! Something about marriage totally kicks you into domesticated gear huh?

  5. I am anything BUT domesticated, sadly. I hoped Pinterest would help me, but so far I've managed to ruin almost everything- hahaha! My hubby does the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Always has and probably always will. I feel very lucky.

  6. I do the cooking. My husband doesn't know how to cook. He enjoys my cooking alot. He just told me the other that his favorite dish was "Butter Noodles with Crusted Parmesan Chicken" because everything was made from scratch. :)

  7. Yikes you are making me look bad...I hate cooking...or anything domestic...maybe one day I will wake up excited to clean and cook...hahaa :-)

  8. We each do a little bit of both. There are things that I make better and things that he makes better..he does ALLLL of the grilling though!

  9. I never cooked when we were dating (however my mom always cooked for us!) But as soon as we became married something clicked and I love doing all these things now! :)

  10. I'm the same way..I kinda wish it was still the 50's in that way too because sometimes..I feel like I can't express that I feel that way to certain friends because I would be looked upon as so old fashioned or a little bit sexist in a way you know? BUT I do the cooking and I love it andI wish I had more time to cook for us! I get home after 6:30 most nights so to start a whole meal takes some time!


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