Our Beautiful & Delicious Cake!


I wanted to take a break today from {Honeymoon Recaps}
and post some pictures of our FABULOUS wedding cake!
Isn't it b.e.a.u. teeee ful?
Justin and I went cake tasting back in February and decided that we didn't like any of the 'ordinary' designs so we decided to make our own! We took a bunch of different cake designs and put them together and....
voilĂ !

We chose white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing!
Covered in white fondant! It turned out perfect!
Did I mention the girl who made this masterpiece is only 20 years YOUNG!?
Everyone should check out her blog and LIKE her on facebook! :)

You can find her here:

Here's a quick look of our cake cutting experience through my Maid of Honor's camera...
one guess who won that fight?

We're you guys naughty or nice?
As you can see...
the hubs wasn't SO nice!



  1. Your cake looks so pretty! I love wedding cake ;) I was OBSESSED with mine and I cannot wait to eat that top tier in December ;) Although with the husband living in Canada, and the cake in my parents' freezer in Paris, France, I don't know how we're going to pull that off. I might have to eat it by myself ;)

  2. your cake is gorgeous! congrats, new follower here!

  3. woa..just kidding! I got confused by your new design and name! (still love the cake though!)

  4. Beautiful cake..My FI knows not to rub cake in my face but who knows what will happen!!! I love ur cake!

  5. LOVE the cake! It was perfect! And you look stunning!
    p.s. We were nice :)

  6. Just saw you're a follower of my blog-- thanks! I love your cake-- so gorgeous! Now to catch up on all your wedding posts! :)

  7. i loooove the new name of your blog, lauren! it is so cute! ps, the cake looks amazing! that girl did a great job :)

  8. your cake is so cute!!! you look beautiful in all of your wedding photos!

  9. Wow. Your cake is so perfect. It looks AND sounds delicious. It looks like you two had a fun time cutting the cake & smashing it in each other's faces! I think I would freak out if my hubby did that to me. It'd mess up my makeup :P haha :)

  10. Your cake is AWESOME!! It's making me hungry right now. Hahaha. Love the new blog look. You're such a cute wifey.

  11. your cake is gorgeous!! Sounds delicious too :)


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