Honeymoon Recap Day 3!


DAY 3 :
{Relaxation day.}

We decided to spend all day Monday at Makena Beach!
Justin and I rented snorkel gear and a boogie board for the week so we tested those out as soon as we got there! We didn't see a lot of fish life, so I decided to spend the rest of the time soaking up the sun while Justin played in the ocean! :)
Hubs is knee deep in the water somewhere? :)
This was such a beautiful beach!
Our wedding date in the sand!
I really was all about the jumping pictures! :)

After a long beach day Justin and I were starving!
We wanted to try Bubba Gumps since we both LOVE Forrest!
{I know who doesn't love him and love to watch him run?!}
So we headed down to Bubba Gumps!
When we were seated they had the coolest signs on the table!
The "Run Forrest Run" sign was a sign to let the waiter/waitress know that we were doing fine at the table!
"Stop Forrest Stop" let them know we needed something at our table!
We got the best appetizer and blueberry/strawberry lemonade! :)
This was my favorite statue :)
This is the best picture of Justin the entire trip! Every time I see It I crack up! :)
{This is why I love him. ^}
After dinner Justin and I decided to head back to our hot tub for the night!
It was the perfect ending to the most relaxing day!


  1. You're in Maui in these pics, right? Don't you LOVE it? and how cute are you in your little bikini? Your honeymoon looks awesome! Must frame that wedding date in the sand pic.:)

  2. Sounds like the perfect day!! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! I def need to add Hawaii to my list of vacations:)

  4. Ahh I need to go back to Hawaii! Looks like y'all had another great day :)

  5. That jumping picture is cute! Your toe is pointed perfectly! Haha!


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