Honeymoon Recap Day 2!


Day 2-
Was most defiantly our beautiful scenery day!
We saw the most scenic and breathtaking views.
We decided to do the 'Road To Hana.'
The Road To Hana is an all day adventure!
Before we left, Justin and I woke up early and went to a little breakfast cafe and then went across the street to a small little convenient store to buy snacks for our all day trip!
If you've never heard about the Road To Hana I'll give you a short, little run down!
It's basically an all day trip/tour of the island from your vehicle.
It's really nice because you are your own guide. You can pull over and stop, relax, eat, site see as long or as little as you want! Justin and I had a CD that told us where most of the most popular stops were along the way! 
So here is what we saw and experienced! :)

Beautiful mountains :)
This was our first stop! Town Falls Farm Stand!
This stand had the best drinks and all the fresh fruit you could imagine!
Behind the stand you begin to walk on a 2o minute trail that leads you to the water falls!
On our hike I found this beautiful flower display on the ground!
This was the waterfall awaiting us! :)
There were beautiful, tropical flowers all through the hike!
Our view from the car :)
Waterfall number 2!
We went down a little road that took us to a black sand beach!
Swimming at the black sand beach was SO much FUN! The waves we're HUGE!
I loved the bright turquoise water!
Black sand!
I loved when other couples would offer to take our picture! :)
These waterfalls were part of the 7 pools!

Me posing of course! :)
On the way back to our condo we saw the back side of the island!
The views we're unbelievable!

Day 2 was just as perfect as Day 1!
The trip only keeps getting better!
Stay tuned for Day 3!


  1. Total paradise! You lovebirds, you:-) xoxo

  2. awesome pics! love your new blog page too :)

  3. Everything is SO stunning!! Looks like an amazing honeymoon!

  4. GORGEOUS!! Just noticed you changed the blog name too- fun stuff. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. So pretty!!! Eek, I want to go there so bad right NOW!

  6. Wow! These pictures are beyond beautiful. What type of camera do you use? Because it really captured the colors in all of the pictures. Love it!

  7. Beautiful! I loved the road to Hana! Simple perfection from the Earth! xox!

  8. how cute is your blog!! and how ADORABLE are you and your husband! i love that you're loving married life so much...isn't it the best?!


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