Honeymoon Recap Day 1!


Day 1-
The morning started off perfectly...
We woke up to this amazing view from our balcony!
aka: PARADISE :)
Once we got up and moving we headed to the number 1 breakfast place on the island!
Kihel Caffe!
I ordered the best drink ever! It was called the "Hawaiian snicker doodle!"
This breakfast is what Justin and I like to call the "hungry man breakfast!"
Long story,
short version-
The guy who brought our food got our order mixed up!
So I was stuck with this...
Like the nickname?
Doesn't it look so hearty?
Lucky for me my hubby let me trade with him! :)
These pancakes were phenomenal!!
This little guy came right up to us wanting food! {There are tons of birds in Hawaii!}
After breakfast we headed to the beach! :)
The water felt fantastic!
I was trying to be like Ali from the Notebook- "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."
{I know, I'm aware... I'm a nerd!}
I loved the BEACH! :)
Every picture turned out beautiful!!
After a fun, sunny day at the beach Justin and I went to downtown Lahaina for dinner and shopping! {This tree is the largest Banyan tree EVER!}
We ate dinner on the water at Kimo's! It was fantastic and we had the best view!
Our drinks were delic! :)
Caesar salad!
This was the best dinner ever!
Our view from the table!
Pretty rings!

The sunsets were beautiful every night!

The rest of the night was perfect! We had the most perfect first day! :)


  1. AwW..These pics are adorable!! What a cute couple!!

    Congrats on your new marriage!!

    Ashton from secretconfessionsofayoungwife.blogspot.com

  2. Aww I love these pictures! Looking at the food pictures definitely made me hungry :P. *runs away to find something to eat*

  3. looks like you two had a great first day! the pictures are lovely. hopin' i wont have to wait too long for the next post 8-P ill be checkin back often!

  4. AW!!!!!!!!!! Pictures are so cute. You two are such a cute little couple. Looks like a perfect first day on your honeymoon!

    BTW, LOVE the "wifestyles". Very cute & clever! I had been curious about what you were going to change it to :)

  5. LOVE your ring. absolutely gorgeous!! & looks like you were in paradise. great blog, congrats on your marriage :)

  6. New follower! I recently got married too, in May! I love all your pictures! You two make a very cute couple!

  7. Gorgeous photos, can't wait to see the rest since we are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon too!

  8. I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon as well and this brings back so many memories... mostly of the delicious food!! Haha that drink looks soooo yummy! And the pancakes!! I remember I had coconut pancakes and fell in love. Only in Hawaii :) Gorgeous pictures!!

  9. LOVE the pictures! What an amazing honeymoon... I'm craving the beach so badly now! :)

  10. wow super super pretty rings is right. Gosh your pictures are great! And that snicker doodle looks soooo yum!!
    oh ps. love the new blog name...

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