Wedding Night Aftermath!


After our amazing reception was over...
Justin and I had a sparkler send off!
I'm so glad I decided to do it!
It turned out perfect for pictures and it was so neat!
After our send off Justin and I found out that we had a surprise awaiting!
My aunt and uncle surprised us with a hotel room {honeymoon suit} at the Hilton!
Is the only word that comes close to describing how amazing it was!
{Not only were we going to the Hilton, we were also arriving there in style!}
My parents got us a cute, little rental car for the entire weekend!
It was decked out with 'Just Married' decor thanks to our wedding party! :)

When we got to the check in desk at the Hilton the man working the front desk informed us that we had the "jacuzzi suit"................
my eyes instantly lit up like a Christmas tree!
{At this point I was wondering if there was any possible way my night could get better?}
Well... once again,
It did!
When we walked into the room it was seriously heaven on earth!
The bed was covered in rose petals forming a heart, roses on the night stand, candles everywhere, heart sugar cookies, drinks and chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge and a jacuzzi tub the size of Texas.
It was official at that moment...
I was the luckiest girl alive!
My aunt and uncle went out of their way to make our night even more perfect!

It was a night I'll never forget! :)


  1. Wow I love these pictures! It looks like you two had the perfect wedding night! Are those cupcakes in the last picture? They look DELICIOUS!

  2. So glad you had such an amazing first night as a married couple! That jacuzzi tub looks wonderful!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Those little groom chocolate covered strawberries are soooo cute! And that tub is FABULOUS!!!
    I am a newlywed of six months. Marriage is amazing!
    ~Alex from

  4. wow! you have the BEST aunt and uncle ever!!

  5. Awww that is the sweetest! My parents also surprised me and my hubby with a hotel suit for our wedding night packed with goodies!
    So happy for you and glad it was a memorable night.

  6. wow that is AWESOME! can i invite your aunt and uncle to MY wedding?! lol. lucky lucky girl!

  7. so many things are so perfect about this post!! everything looks so great and it's so sweet and those STRAWBERRIES haha and the rose petals and the car and SPARKLERS but i love how happy you both look!! :) so fun!

  8. Wow, it's really perfect! Congratulations!

  9. ohmigosh, it's all absolutely PERFECT!!! The rose petals, the chocolates, the champy, the JACUZZI TUB!!! Heck yes!! :)

  10. AMAZING! So glad it was the perfect day (and night, it looks like)!

  11. Wow what a very generous family you have. I love the jacuzzi suite..lucky gal!

  12. Wow, that's so amazing! Congrats!

  13. come on and update us, gurl! been waiting forever hahaaa

  14. Aww, congratulations on your happily ever after Lauren!!! xoxox!

  15. Awww sounds like you had THE perfect wedding, reception, wedding night and honeymoon!! :)

  16. so, so sweet of your aunt & uncle to do that!

  17. Are ya going to share any video from the wedding?


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